Pictures Show Just How Ridiculously Hot it is in Portland | 22 Words

Pictures have emerged showing the true extent of the ongoing heatwave in Portland... and they're truly shocking.

The Pacific Northwest and Canada are currently experiencing a record-breaking heatwave with temperatures reaching all-time highs.

Over the weekend, Portland recorded its all-time record hottest temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit with the peak of the heat wave yet to come. The previous record was 107 degrees Fahrenheit set on August 8th and 10th, 1981, and July 30th, 1965, CCN reports.

The heat is caused by a combination of a significant atmospheric blocking pattern as well as a human-caused climate-changed world where baseline temperatures are already a couple to a few degrees higher than nature intended, CBS reports.

Images of Portland being shared online have shown the true extent of the heat and people can't believe it.

Train tracks and power cables are beginning to melt due to the intense heat. In one case, an actual house started melting as the vinyl slide off the outside.

Roads are beginning to buckle under the heat making them unsafe for travel and children's toys are starting to melt. The heat is even so intense that people have been able to cook food like eggs, tacos, and cookies in it.

But despite the humor that may come with the crazy scenario, the heat in Portland is a real concern and danger for some - particularly those who are homeless.

Many nonprofit groups are trying to help the homeless community in Portland and other Oregon cities by opening cooling centers. Where possible, they are also offering food, water and cold drinks.

Scott Kerman, executive director of the Blanchett House shelter in Portland told KATU: "We're serving people who are already suffering from chronic health conditions -- so whatever we can do to help people stay safe when they have nowhere else to go."

COVID-19 capacity restrictions have been lifted at places like pools, movie theatres, and malls by the Oregon Health Authority to help people keep out of the heat.

Stay strong, Portland! Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are seriously struggling at the moment.