Officials Called To Deal With 'Beast' Find Its a Croissant | 22 Words

There's something about a near miss that just makes us feel alive. And one that's gone viral this week might be the best one yet ...

There's something thrilling about a near miss.

Flirting with danger but facing none of the consequences is the best of both worlds, in a way.

Whether it's a cooking "close one ..."

Or nearly dropping something you've spent hours carefully crafting, it really gets your blood racing.

Or narrowly avoiding injury...

Nothing like nearly being smacked with a ball to get your heart pumping - but with none of the pain.

These ones always get us, too.

The stakes are just that little bit too high.

And that's what makes the relief so palpable.

And one particular near-miss really shocked the internet this week.

It's really captured everyone's attention.

Because it was just so hilarious.

A woman spotted something frightening in a tree and called animal control.

She said the "animal" had been in the tree for 2 days and that residents were afraid to open their windows in case it entered their homes.

They asked if it was a bird of prey.

But the woman said it more closely resembled an iguana ...

"His brown skin shines in the sun ... We are looking more closely – poor guy has no legs or head."


Yep - it was a croissant.


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