Neighbor Calls Police For Woman’s 'Inappropriate' Outfit | 22 Words

A neighbor decided to call the police on a woman because she didn't like her outfit, slamming it as "inappropriate."

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It's the year 2021 and women are coming together like never before.

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But sadly, even with all the ground work they're trying to do, negative stereotypes and ideologies still exist in our society.

All that we women want is equality. Is that too much to ask for?

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To be treated as equal to our male peers is massively important but things don't always work out in this way.

So many women continue to be judged and objectified on a daily basis...

And it's beyond exhausting.

Gender shouldn't define a person's worth.

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And, believe me when I say this, women will not be accepting the bare minimum anymore.

Being harassed because of the way you look is totally unacceptable...

And one woman recently shared her experience of having the police called on her after her neighbor saw her wearing what she believed to be an "inappropriate" outfit.

​Now, where do I even start with the problematic nature of a statement like this?


It's deeply rooted in misogyny, that women should be covered appropriately, and it becomes a problem when they're not. Or sometimes, vice versa. Women that are fully covered are considered "oppressed." Why?

Why do people keep telling women what to wear?


Especially when men walk around without shirts and we don't bat an eyelid? But God help a woman wearing skinny jeans or a crop top!

Call it what it is. It's misogyny.

But Rovi Wade was not having any of it. She posted the interaction of her and the police officer after he was called to the scene to stop her from leaving her home wearing an outfit deemed "inappropriate" by her neighbor.

She received support from hundreds of TikTok users who loved her unapologetic nature...

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In the clip, Rovi suggests that the woman called the cops because she just "didn't like her style."

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She continues: "So I told her 'my body offends you' - That's the issue. But I'm allowed to exist and be hot. And I'm going to continue to do so."

Come on sis, this is the only energy I want to be seeing in 2021.

She also adds: "I don't know what she expects you to do" to the officer.

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Later on, in some follow up videos, she talks about the incident in more depth.

She said this:

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"Basically what happened was I was outside, filming, I was dancing in the street and I was just having a good time doing my thing. We were being very respectful, we weren't in anybody's way, there wasn't really anyone outside to see us.

"And then we were kind of standing on the curb, watching some footage we had just filmed and then my neighbor comes out and she's like, 'I know you guys are probably doing this for your business, but this is inappropriate, I have children.'"

"And I was like 'your children aren't even out here' and she's like 'I have windows and they can see you'."

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"So I politely told her to close her blinds because I had every right to be there, it was public property and she was basically telling me that I had to listen to her and I said no."

But that's when things got heated...

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"I asked her what she found so offensive about my body because her children would see more at the beach honestly and she was adamant that she did not find my body offensive, she just didn't want her children seeing it, which doesn't really make sense to me, but okay.

"Then she said you can go and film in front of your own house and I was like, 'I am in front of my own house', she didn't think I lived in that neighborhood. And then she was like 'Well I own my house and you only rent.'"

That's when she called the police after Rovi went inside.

"I walk outside to meet the officer and what he told me was that she told him I was filming on her property without a permit, and that is a bald-faced lie, I was not filming on her property. The only places I was filming was in my driveway, on the sidewalk, and in the street. That's it."

And thankfully the police officer understood that.

"He basically just talked to me as a formality, he was pretty blasé about the whole thing," Rovi added.

This was the outfit in question:

She's wearing clothes, those boots are a brave choice, that choker is a big, fat yes, so what part of this ensemble offensive? The neighbor needs to grow up.

Here's the full video of the interaction:


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