Policeman Declared Dead in 2004 Tsunami Found Alive | 22 Words

A police officer who was declared dead following a tsunami in 2004 has this month been found alive by his family...

But his circumstances are simply devastating.


Here's the full story...

Now, the archipelago nation of Indonesia was the worst-hit country in Southeast Asia when the Indian Ocean earthquake was followed by a tsunami on December 26th, 2004.


​The tsunami occurred as a result of an underwater earthquake just after 1 am on Boxing Day, which was the third-largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismograph, with a magnitude of 9.0-9.3.

Waves of up to 100 ft hit the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand...


But, as stated earlier, Indonesia was by far the worst affected, with the country suffering at least 167,000 casualties, a number which is thought today to be closer to 200,000.

​However, the official number will never be confirmed.


Thousands of bodies could never be recovered as they were swept out to sea by the powerful waves.

But this month, there has been a miracle.


​A police officer who had been on duty on the day of the tsunami has been found alive, sixteen years after he was presumed dead.

However, he was found in heartbreaking circumstances.


People have been reacting to the shocking story since the news broke...

Now, Abrip Asep's relatives were heartbroken when they were told he had been swept away in the tsunami.

Asep, an on-duty police officer at the time, was never heard from again following the disaster.

His family immediately reported him as missing...


Only for him to be later declared as dead after his body was failed to be found.

However, by a miraculous stroke of luck, he has been found and reunited with his family after nearly 2 decades apart, local media has reported.


Asep, pictured above on the left, was found in a psychiatric hospital in Aceh province, Indonesia, after suffering from mental health issues due to the traumas he witnessed during the tsunami.

A relative said:


"I couldn't believe it, seventeen years of no news and we thought that he passed away, we didn't know he was still alive."

The local police later confirmed that the man found in the psychiatric hospital was indeed Asep.


A spokesperson said:

"Even though he is experiencing mental illness due to the tsunami, his family is very grateful to have found him alive."

​It is unclear why his family was not notified he was in the psychiatric hospital.

We wish Abrip Asep and his family all the best for the future.