The new emoji of a pregnant man has sparked confusion and controversy among the public... | 22 Words

Unicode has officially announced the new Emoji 14.0 update and has also released exactly which emojis will be included, with 1 emoji turning all of our heads... A pregnant man in several different skin tones, as well as a range of other emojis that are a little less controversial...

The new emoji of a pregnant man has sparked confusion and controversy among the public...


But Emojipedia has insisted that childbirth should not under any circumstance, be confined to 1 gender, so the diverse range of emojis from women of different skin tones to men of different skin tones, will encourage people to realize that a person doesn't just have to identify as "female" in order to give birth.

"One's sex does not dictate the capacity to care for children in the home or work in the market," Emojipedia said in a report.

They continued on to talk about sex stereotypes...


"In the same way sex equality law has aimed combat harmful sex stereotypes, there is a great deal of parallels regarding how one's sex does not dictate the capacity to carry children. This is not a new phenomenon.

"Pregnancy has been indiscriminate of gender throughout history but it is only now being formally recognized."

So, this new emoji will encourage more diversity when it comes to the idea of a man giving birth. In fact, a transgender man Myles Brady Davis, experienced difficulty in that when he was pregnant, he was to be listed as the mom of his baby on the birth certificate, with his transgender wife being listed as the father.

This misgendering was all because Myles was carrying the baby, so it automatically made him the "mom" of the child even though he transitioned into a man, according to Chicago Tribute.

After Myles had voiced his issue with being the mother on the birth certificate, it was changed, and he hopes this will show that men can give birth too, which is exactly what this new pregnant man emoji aims to do as well.

But although 1 purpose of the emoji is to break down sex stereotypes of a female being the only gender able to carry a child...

The emoji is expected to be used in a rather comical way too.

In fact, a range of people have taken to Twitter, both men, and women, to discuss how the emoji will express how bloated, full, or in need of a "sh**."

One person even said on Twitter: "Most people will use the pregnant man when they're stuffed."

And another person wrote: "Something I can send the Mrs when I need a sh*t."

​They've also announced which other emojis will be seen in the new update too...

While 1 of the emojis, the face with open eyes and hand over mouth, will most certainly be used in cases of texting gossip to your bestie.

And the official emojis can be found here, with 1 that we're sure will be used more often than not between couples, or even just flirty friends: the biting lip emoji. Then we also have a person with a crown in several different skin tones and even a troll!

And although there's a long list of emojis that are being introduced, the pregnant man stands out the most...

What do you think of the new emoji?