Nine-Month Pregnant Woman Aged 21 Found Dead in Florida Park | 22 Words

The body of a pregnant woman has been discovered by police in Florida.

At 6:30 AM at Riverview Park in Jacksonville, a local walking in the area spotted the body of a woman, who was later identified as twenty-one-year-old Felicia Jones.

What is even more heartbreaking is the police later announced she was 9-months pregnant at the time of her death.

Upon finding the body, the Jacksonville local called 911, but Jones was pronounced dead upon police arrival.

As per People, investigators on the case have announced that they are treating Jones' death as "suspicious," and tragically believe "foul play" was involved, although they haven't given any updates on their findings or an explanation behind their thoughts.

Jones' family plan to bury Jones and her unborn son separately, and have set up a GoFundMe page to help with their funeral expenses.

People have reported that Jones' aunt, Angelica Williams, told First Coast News their family is currently asking the public to share any information they might have on the events that lead up to her death...

"I want Jacksonville to come together on this. We can't let this go. We can't let this slide. We need everybody to come together. This is a whole unborn baby ready to be born in two weeks. A beautiful young lady who just turned twenty-one this month," she told the outlet.

"We want to let the world know that she was loved," Williams continued.


"Her baby was expected. We wanted this baby. I was super excited about my nephew. All of that has been taken away from us. We're distraught right now."

Felicia, better known as Fee Fee, was a beautiful person inside and out," Williams added.

"She had that bubbly spirit. Even if she was going through something, you wouldn't be able to tell because she was that type of person where she had a lot of strength. She was super excited about being a first-time mom.

"We're not taking it well right now. We want answers. We want to know why. We don't understand who would do such a disgusting crime. It's sickening."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jones' family and friends at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Felicia.