Prince Harry Filmed Tapping His Way To Emotional Safety | 22 Words

Prince Harry has opened up about his experience with PTSD and the techniques he learned in therapy that help keep him grounded...

Prince Harry has always been open about the importance of mental health awareness and his own struggles.

He recently revealed in his new Apple TV+ series that he uses EMDR or "tapping" methods to ease his PTSD symptoms.

His therapist, Sanja Oakley even filmed a session with him for The Me You Can't See...

Where other celebrities who have used the technique, including Oprah Winfrey, say it "saved [her] life."

But people have had a lot to say about his recent session...


But what exactly is EMDR?


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming and it helps those suffering from PTSD to come to terms with past trauma.

It is a recognized and fairly new treatment for PTSD.

EMDR works by addressing past trauma and reprogramming the brain's association with the event.

The patient recalls the event in detail while making rapid eye movements or tapping. 

Usually REM is done by following the therapist's finger movement.

The physical act of tapping on the body is used to create a sense of calm...

Replacing traumatic feelings with the sensation of safety.

EMDR offers a way of dealing with unpleasant memories that we can't seem to shift.

Sometimes traumatic events can't be processed by the brain properly, so come out in other ways, such as dreams during REM sleep.

EMDR helps these memories store correctly to allow the sufferer to carry on with everyday life.

EMDR has even been found to be more effective than cognitive-behavioral therapy.

What's even better is that EMDR therapy can be used to treat PTSD at any stage.

Harry's therapist Sanja Oakley has worked with thousands of patients over the years, including victims of the 2006 London bombings.

But now he's sharing his learned techniques with those who could benefit from EMDR...

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