Priyanka Chopra Appears to 'Ignore' William and Kate | 22 Words

Priyanka Chopra - who is a close friend of Meghan Markle - appeared to ignore Prince William and Kate Middleton when they arrived at Wimbledon's Royal Box.

The thirty-eight-year-old actress could be seen rearranging her scarf as the crowd applauded the dutchess of Cambridge before the women's singles final on Saturday.

Some suggested it was down to her friendship with Meghan Markle, who recently opened up about the drama with Kate during her exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan claimed that Kate has upset her during a discussion about a flower girl dress before her wedding with Prince Harry and she said she didn't make Kate cry due to a disagreement about a bridesmaid dress, claiming that "the opposite happened."

"A few days before the wedding, she got angry with something related to the flower girl dress, which made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings," she said to Oprah during the show. "There was no conflict. I don't think it's fair to go into the details because she apologized. I forgave her. Not only did I not get over it? It was blamed on what happened to me.

"I never share that part of Kate or look down on her."

Kate never publically commented on the interview, but she and Prince William were said to be "deeply saddened" by it.There is a chance Priyanka may not have seen Kate enter the Royal Box or even knew that she was meant to applaud, but some Royal fans think that it was intentional.

One fan said: "The way Priyanka didn't even look in their direction is enough for me," regarding her reaction.

Another tweeted: "I don't really believe in such manners and lack of training. The Americans sitting near Kate and William did not applaud or admit their admission. Two past tennis stars and their wives, King and Navratilova, and Megan's best friend, Priyanka Chopra."

Another added: "She completely ignored them. I will do the same if my friends are abused."

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Meghan and Priyanka have been close friends since 2016 after meeting at the ELLE Women in Television dinner. She also attended the 2018 Royal Wedding as a guest.

Priyanka has been an advocate of Meghan since they first met. When she was nominated as one of the most influential people on the TIME 100 list in 2018, Priyanka wrote a passage to honor the dutchess...

In the Vogue article, she predicted that Meghan would "become a princess of the people" and branded her "a friendly young woman with a heart and spirit in the right place."

During the event, Priyanka wore a flowing high-neck gown and sat in a royal box next to a friend, just a few rows back from Prince William and Kate.