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The Queen of England has just announced that work will begin to ban conversion therapy in Britain in a landmark move.

This is the change that is so desperately needed...


Because this kind of barbaric practice has been going on for way too long.

Now, conversion therapy has plagued our Earth for decades.

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Originating back to the early Freudian period, conversion therapists believe that homosexuality can sometimes be removed through various hypnotic, psychological, and religious methods.

This "therapy" spins a dangerous lie.

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Some right-wing religious groups promote the concept that an individual can change their sexual orientation or gender identity, either through prayer or other religious efforts or through the so-called "reparative" or "conversion" therapy.

The techniques implemented by these so-called therapists are incredibly harmful.


Conversion therapists have been known in the past to use a variety of shaming, emotionally traumatic, or physically painful stimuli to make their victims associate those stimuli with their LGBTQ+ identities.

And just their existence alone can still be harmful to LGBTQ+ youths.

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Conversion therapy amplifies the shame and stigma that so many LGBTQ young people already experience in their day-to-day lives. And, by sending a child to conversion therapy, parents and guardians will be instilling feelings of family rejection and disappointment, which ultimately risk seriously fracturing their relationship with their child.

These conversion therapists hold the firm belief that being LGBTQ+ is a mental illness...


Despite the fact that all major medical associations share an agreement that LGBTQ+ identities are a normal variant of human nature.

And, to top it off, the American Psychiatric Association actually determined that homosexuality was not a mental illness back in 1973.

Yet, even in today's modern society, people are still at risk.

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Though conversion therapy has gradually begun to die out as people become more awake to the facts, there are organizations out there that still practice the archaic method.

According to a 2018 report by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, an estimated 20,000 LGBTQ+ minors in states without protections were subjected to conversion therapy by a licensed healthcare professional in one year.

There are still many ministries that practice the "therapy."

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Despite a number of different states banning the practice altogether, there are still a staggering number of conversion therapies being inflicted upon young LGBTQ+ people today.

But it seems that the UK has decided to put a stop to conversion therapy, once and for all...


Which is an incredible moment in history.

Countries like Canada, Malta, Germany, Mexico, and parts of Australia have already introduced a ban.


And about twenty US states have banned the practice - although religious organizations can make an exception.

Some forms of conversion therapy such as "corrective" r*pe, are already illegal in the UK.


With many who have suffered under the therapy in the past remaining traumatized by their experiences.

​This morning, Queen Elizabeth made a landmark speech.

She outlined many of her plans for the UK over the next twelve months.

And there's been one part, in particular, the got everybody talking.

​She's confirmed she's opening up a public consultation on the horrific "therapy."

This will help bring about a long-awaited ban.

Processes for which have been in motion as far back as 2018.

Plans were first put in motion by Theresa May.

​She promised to ban conversion therapy as part of the government's LGBT equality plan.

However, things quickly fell apart.

Jayne Ozanne, a former government equality adviser, quit the panel.

She believed progress was too slow.

And UK LGBT+ charity Stonewall agreed, accusing the government of "dragging its feet."

The announcement in the Queen's speech marks the beginning of the final stage of the ban.

The BBC reports that a further "short" consultation will be held before the legislation is finalised.

This is to ensure that there remains safe and legal support for LGBTQ+ youths.

Meaning they can access "legitimate forms of pastoral support."

This is an incredible moment in history.

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