The Queen Sends Touching Note to 5-Year-Old Girl Thanking Her for Her Letter After Philip's Death | 22 Words

After the loss of her husband last month, a heartwarming letter from the Queen to a young girl has been made public - and it's a truly touching read ...

In spite of being in the grip of horrendous grief ...


The Queen has proven herself to be a true leader this week, in an undeniably sweet gesture.

It's been an undeniably difficult time for the royal family over the last month...

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, passed away on April 9th at the age of ninety-nine.

But the Queen has continued with her important work.

Leaving the British public feeling both touched and impressed.

One young girl from Scunthorpe, UK, sent the Queen an adorable letter.


And, totally unexpectedly, the Queen wrote back.

The Duke's funeral took place at St. George's Chapel on April 17th.


In a beautifully personal touch, his coffin was escorted into the chapel in a Land Rover purpose-built by Philip himself.

According to a report from the Telegraph, Philip's death was unexpected and sudden...


But Queen Elizabeth II, his wife of seventy-three years, was by his side in his final moments.

Prince Philip had only recently returned home after spending a month in the hospital early this year...

He reportedly wanted to pass away "in his own bed" and "on his own terms."

The Queen is said to have "quickly dismissed" suggestions of taking Philip to the hospital when his health declined the night before, according to the Daily Mail.

"He spent most of the four weeks he was in hospital trying to get home. They operated on his heart in a bid to give him a little longer, maybe with the 100th birthday in mind. But he didn't really care about that," a royal source told the Telegraph. "There is no way he would have wanted to die in hospital."

The Queen is obviously grieving a phenomenal loss. 

But it hasn't impacted her sense of Royal duty ...

Erin Bywater from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, decided to write to the Queen following Philip's death.


And suprising everyone, the Queen responded.

Her mum, Nicola, told GrimsbyLive: "The letter came as a complete surprise."


"She had only just started asking about who the Queen was and what she did the day before Prince Philip died, which was quite spooky."

"When she heard, she wanted to write a nice letter and card to cheer her up."


"We sent it off and didn't expect to hear anything back."

"Then on Saturday, we got a letter addressed to her from the Palace, which left her jumping up and down with joy."


"I can't believe first of all that they replied, and second that they did it so quickly – they must be inundated with letters at the moment."

Erin was - understandably - super excited by the letter.


"She wants to tell absolutely everyone she knows, including all her teachers and friends. Once she's taken it to school, we will put it somewhere safe where it can be treasured."

Erin's letter to the Queen was super sweet.


It began, "Dear Your Majesty, My name is Erin. I am five."

"I like your hats and coats. Do you have a royal cat or dog? I have a cat called Simba. I have three snakes."


"I know you are sad so thought you would like this picture.

Love from Erin."

Erin had also attached a picture she'd drawn of Philip.


Clearly, the Queen was touched by this letter.

And she sent a sweet response.


It read, "I send you my sincere thanks for your kind words of sympathy on the death of my husband."

A truly heartwarming exchange.


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