Weightlifter Hits Out at Anyone Questioning Transgender Women at the Olympics | 22 Words

Recently, controversy has risen amid Laurel Hubbard's debut into the weightlifting competitions at the Tokyo Olympic Games this year.

After Hubbard's history as a male weightlifter was revealed, people spoke out against the Olympic Committee allowing her to compete alongside other women, becoming the 1st transgender athlete to compete in a different gender category.

Many people questioned whether or not this action was fair, with a petition circulating claiming that transgender athletes have a physical advantage in strength, stamina, and speed...

Even Caitlyn Jenner expressed her feelings on the matter saying: "It just isn't fair."

But one female weightlifter has come out to criticize those who stand against transgender females competing with other women.

In a viral TikTok video, Laurel Mariel started out by explaining how she is able to comment on the subject.

"This is not the first time that I've gotten this question, so I'd like to address it.

"For context, I'm a female weightlifter that competes in the heavyweight division, and there's currently a transgender woman who's competing in the super heavyweight division - the division right above me - in the Olympics this week.

"I'm also an exercise physiology grad student, so I know the physiology of the human body pretty well."

Laura continued: "What do I think about transgender women competing in female sports?

"I think a lot of people use this question as an excuse for their bigotry. A lot of people that are concerned about transgender women in sports have not given a flying f**k about me as a female athlete.

"You don't care about the inequality in opportunities, in pay, in airtime. You don't care about the blatant misogyny that still exists within sports today. You don't care about the lack of protection against male predators within our sports.

"Basically, people that have not cared one bit about my wellbeing as a female athlete, and are probably the same people that have bullied me, are now suddenly concerned about my competitive opportunities as a female athlete because of transgender women.

"Stop asking this question because you guys don't actually care about us."

But, even more recently, forty-three-year-old Hubbard has announced that she's thinking of retiring, after failing to complete a successful lift at the games.

"Age has caught up with me. In fact, if we're being honest it probably caught up with me some time ago.

"My involvement in sport is probably due if nothing else to heroic amounts of anti-inflammatories, and it's probably time for me to start thinking about hanging up the boots and concentrating on other things in my life.

"I'm not sure that a role model is something I could ever aspire to be, instead I hope that just by being I can provide some sense of encouragement."