'Ramen Baths' Are the Strange New Beauty Trend and We're Not Sure How We Feel About Them | 22 Words

We, women, are suckers for any new beauty trend that promises to help us stand out from the crowd. Even if, let's face it, it's a terrible one. But the latest, for what's known as ramen baths, may be the oddest yet.

Who doesn't love ramen?

It's the perfect lunch, dinner, or midnight snack.

Yep, we all love eating it.

But how do we feel about using it as a beauty product?

Yep, ramen baths are the latest beauty trend.

And they're as odd as they sound.

But that's not all ...

From bizarre brows to hell-raising hairstyles; we've scoured Instagram to find the weirdest, the most wonderful and the damn right freakiest beauty trends to have ever graced the internet.

Starting strong (and a bit gross).

This gives a whole new meaning to the expression bug-eyed. This make-up trend is inspired by all things creepy and crawly. Yes, it looks amazing, but even the thought of a spider on our cheek is bringing us out in hives so it's a no from us.

And talking of bugs...

This one is even worse. This nail artist used actual bugs to create this look. That can't be hygienic!

Moving on... now flash us those not-so-pearly-whites.

This bizarre trend involved dying your teeth using a temporary tooth polish and is most likely to be seen on the music festival scene. Maybe okay for a one-off but can't see this one going down too well in the office on a Monday morning. But if you think this is weird, wait until you see the trend that combines teeth and nails. Intrigued...

If you're feeling festive, these tinsel lashes will be right up your street.

A definite winner for the holidays; simply apply tinsel to your lash line instead of your usual fake lashes. Simple, yet (strangely) highly effective...

And tinsel is not only for your eyes.

This trend may make kissing a bit difficult... It's definitely bold, we'll give it that!

Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

Because every little girl, at some point, wanted to look like her Barbie doll. And with Barbie turning sixty this year, what better time to try out this cute and girly look? It's a little out there, but it's cute!

In fact, making yourself up to look like a doll is more popular than ever.

The Bratz Challenge took the Internet by storm earlier this year! Do you remember the Bratz Dolls? Those edgy fashionistas with the massive eyes and glossy lips? Well, now imagine an actual human turning into one of these? It's creepy. Oh so creepy.

As always, some have taken this too far.

There's trying to look like a little like a porcelain doll, and then there is this. The trend of using liquid latex to create a glossy and let's be honest, freaky finish on the skin, is just plain wrong. Too far. Much too far.

If you desperately miss the crimping that took the '80s by storm, this trend is for you.

Zigzag hair is even better (or worse depending on your stance on crimped hair in the first place...). And it's not as high maintenance as it looks.

And we couldn't write about hair trends without featuring the world's current obsession: unicorns.

Holographic hair is a mixture of pastel highlights that appear to change color before your very eyes. Just magical. If you are a six-year-old girl that is... Harsh we know, but also true.

And because having the hair on your head looking like a unicorn isn't enough...

Unicorn armpit hair soon caught on, too. Women are actually dying their armpit hair in multi-colors. We hope this trend disappears asap!

Men can get it wrong too!

Lizard hair was once a thing... Why anyone would want their head to look like it has a scaly reptile crawling across it we don't know. Can you imagine if that was your man and he wanted you to stroke it? Ew!

Who said that crystals were only for good energy?

Inspired by geode rocks, this trend involves colors such as emerald green, violet and moonstone blue. And, of course, the aforementioned crystals. We want to love this look, we really do, but it's still a little too wacky for us.

Embracing the natural look but in a fake way...

Who doesn't want to look like a natural beauty who has just rolled out of bed looking fresh and dewy? Of course, it takes us at least an hour to achieve this "natural look". But applying fake freckles is just a step too far in our book.

This may seem tame in comparison but it's still notably weird.

Fishtail brows were all the rage for a while. Maybe women were just trying to show off their brow skills because we can literally think of no other reason why anyone would want to do this to themselves.

This our absolute favorite brow trend: The McDonald's Brow.

We are definitely "loving it". Can you imagine rocking up to McDonald's ordering your fave fast food looking like this? Priceless.

And if you thought things couldn't get any weirder than that...

Wait until you see the beauty inspirations that make-up artist, Terry Barber, shares on his Insta. He takes everyday essential items and turns them into make-up sensations! Who'd have thought you could be influenced by burnt toast?

He even shared one look that was inspired by our two favorite things in life.

Hard liquor and candy bars. Pure genius!

No, you haven't just been redirected to the "Boozy Brits Abroad" page.

This is another weird and wonderful beauty trend that we have found. This is not actually sunburnt skin; it's just make-up carefully applied to look like you've fallen asleep on the sunbed. Apparently, this is cutting edge. But to us, it just looks stupid.

Let's take a look at some real nail biters.

Literally, in this case. These nails definitely look like they could bite back if they wanted to.

And how about nose hair extensions?

Because it's not as though women have spent decades removing unwanted hair from all over their bodies because society tells them to.

But the weirdest trend out there?

It has to be the ramen bath.

It's been cropping up all over social media.

And we kind of hate it.

Is it a prank?

All we know is it's a serious waste of good ramen.

And to make things worse?

It seems like a real nightmare to clean up.

We'll be giving this one a miss.

Will you be trying it?