Man Claims To Eat Raw Chicken for Pre-Workout Meal | 22 Words

One man's dedication to "gains" has the whole internet feeling ill...

​After watching the shocking clip, people have been well and truly grossed out. 


Now we all know protein is essential for building muscle.

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And although there are some plant-based sources, the classic way to get more protein is through eating more meat.

It's a staple many people's diets.

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With chicken up there as any body-builder's favorite food.

For most people, they have their tried-and-true methods of cooking chicken.

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Many people grow up watching their parents cook and prepare food. Cooking is passed down from generation to generation.

But one man has a rather different way of getting his protein fix.

And it has the internet feeling very unhappy.

Rather than cooking his chicken...

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He takes the stuff down raw.

And that's not all.

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His pre-workout meal also includes "week-old steak I left in my fridge, my favorite, bacon, raw butter, [and] raw milk."

Check it out.

Whose stomach is turning?

And in case you don't believe him ...

He shared a video to prove it. Yuck.

Needless to say, don't try this at home.

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