Reporter Fired After Pretending She Helped Flooded Town | 22 Words

A German TV reporter has been fired after she was caught smearing herself in mud to make it appear that she had helped to clear up a flooded town.

Susanna Ohlen was fired by RTL earlier week this following her despicable actions.

As per the Independent, Ohlen, who had worked for RTL since 2008, appeared in a news segment for Guten Morgen Deutschland. The segment, which has since been deleted online by RTL, saw her reporting on the clean-up operations in towns and cities across Germany after they suffered extreme floods.

The extreme flooding is estimated to have killed at least 173 people in Germany and thirty-two people in Belgium, with several others remaining missing.

The segment showed a street in West Germany that was destroyed with mounds of rubble and washed-up items while reportedly saying: "RTL presenter Susanna Ohlen lends a hand in the clean-up work in Bad Münstereifel and shares shocking recordings online."

Ohlen also called on viewers to help out with the clean-up operation taking place across the country.

However, the reporter had been caught only moments earlier smearing mud on herself to pretend she had helped with the clean-up effort.

Footage captured secretly by an onlooker, shows Ohlen, with her back to the camera, picking up mud from the ground while surrounded by flood-damaged houses and debris. Stood in a blue shirt, hat, and boots, Ohlen then smears the mud on what appears to be her face and clothes.

She then bends down for a second time before turning back and walking over to her camera crew.

The footage was then posted to social media where it has been viewed more than 350,000 times.

Ohlen was fired after the footage emerged.

An RTL spokesperson said: "Our reporter's approach clearly contradicts journalistic principles and our own standards. We therefore gave her leave of absence on Monday after we heard about it."

Ohlen has since taken to Instagram to apologize for her actions, noting that she had made "a serious mistake".

What do you think about Ohlen's action? Do you think she deserved to be fired?