​Kelsey said: "I use fresh scents like orange, lemon, peppermint or frankincense. I just put a few drops in the bottom of the bins and they don't get smelly at all." | 22 Words

A mom has shared her toilet roll hack that has saved her hundreds of dollars, but people are a little grossed out...

It's safe to say we were all impacted by last year's panic buying.


Which saw supermarket shelves stripped of toilet rolls and other essentials.

The toilet roll shortage of 2020 was definitely a low point...


Seems a little crazy now doesn't it?

Well, there was one family who wasn't affected one bit by the lack of toilet roll...


And the reason why has left some feeling a little queazy.

A mom decided to make her own reusable toilet paper, cutting down on the almost three hundred rolls a year...

Kelsey Leverton started making her own reusable wipes 3 years ago to help with the excessive amounts of toilet paper they were buying.

But people aren't too impressed with the idea...


Kelsey first decided to give homemade toilet roll a go after hearing about it on the radio.


She said: "I heard someone on the radio talking about reusable toilet wipes and it was a real eye opener. I thought, 'I can do this, it's easy'.

"I thought about how my mum used terry towelling when we were babies as washable nappies and thought it would be the ideal material. Plus it helps that none of us are squeamish."

So, she bought a meter square of toweling and cut it up into fifty strips, which are still being used today... although they have been washed.


The wipes sit in a basket next to the toilet and once used are dumped in a small waste paper bin that contains essential oils.

Kelsey said: "I use fresh scents like orange, lemon, peppermint or frankincense. I just put a few drops in the bottom of the bins and they don't get smelly at all."


The wipes are washed once a week, with Kelsey saying it's "just like having a few extra pairs of socks to sort out."

She said her daughters Neave and Willow didn't like the idea to start with but are now fully on board with it. 


Kelsey said: "The girls turned their noses up a little bit in the beginning. But when they had a go they said it felt really soft and not as gross as they thought it would be.

"Neave doesn't like it if they have been dried on the radiator though as it makes them hard and rough. So I make sure I dry them naturally on the washing line or a clothes hanger."

But when it comes to guests, Kelsey says some can be a little grossed out by the idea.


"A few guests have said they don't fancy it and some have been interested and started asking questions," Kelsey said.

"We still have a small amount of toilet roll for number twos because we get a delivery from Who Gives a Cr*p twice a year. This also means there is an option for guests. And if we have no toilet roll at all then the wipes are sufficient for 'other things.'"

On a positive note, the family was one of the very few who weren't impacted by last year's panic buying...


She joked: "With people scrambling around for toilet roll at the moment it seems we are ahead of the curve. People have bog roll anxiety and we are just cruising along."

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