Royal Courtiers 'Fear Meghan Could be Booed by Public' if She Ever Goes Back to UK | 22 Words

Royal courtiers are concerned Meghan Markle will receive a negative reception if she accompanies Prince Harry to Princess Diana's statue unveiling this summer...

It seems as though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might miss the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue.


As Royal courtiers fear she could receive a poor reception at his upcoming event.

And recent comments on social media prove her appearance might cause controversy...


Harry is expected to return for the unveiling of a statue of his late mother Princess Diana...

But it looks like he might just miss it all together. Here are all the details...

Diana's death was mourned around the world.

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The totally unexpected nature of her passing, alongside the fact that she was such a well-liked public figure, made her death and funeral into something of a media circus.

Diana's funeral was televised and held on September 6th of 1997.

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It garnered viewing figures of over thirty-two million in the U.K, breaking all viewing records up to that point. Millions more watched around the world.

It seemed almost like a double tragedy...

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Because, alongside the world losing a real force for good, 2 young boys were left without their mother.

Over the years, as the boys have grown into men, William and Harry have ensured Diana's memory hasn't been forgotten...

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And they regularly speak fondly of their late mom, who would have now been a grandma to 4 grandchildren.

It's truly heartbreaking to think of how close Diana would have been to her boys today...

And in order to pay tribute to what would have been her 60th birthday, both sons have decided to commission a statue of their late mother in Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace, which will be installed on July 1, 2021.

The artwork will be a true reminder of the positive impact Diana had on the world.

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Both William and Harry made a statement when the project was first announced saying that their mother "touched so many lives" and that they "hope the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to reflect on her life and her legacy."

The statue was made by Ian Rank-Broadley, who is also responsible for the portrait of the Queen on British coins.

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But it looks as though Prince Harry and Meghan might be absent for the big reveal...

Speaking to talkRADIO, royal expert, Russell Myers has questioned whether Harry will make an appearance.


"Some quarters of the family did give him a frosty reception and perhaps that did shock him somewhat," talking about his recent visit to the UK for Prince Philip's funeral.

He went on to say how Harry might even use the birth of his second child in summer, as a "convenient excuse" not to "face the family."


Radio host Kevin O'Sullivan explained how Prince Harry looked "very out of sorts" during his recent trip home.

He continued: "I'm wondering whether he received a very, very cold reception? I read that some quarters of the royal family literally just blocked him and didn't even talk to him.


"I think he may have been a bit shocked by the cool reception he got from his family, which begs the question, will he come back for the unveiling of the Diana memorial with his brother in July? Or will he pull out of that?"

โ€‹Russell Myers replied: "I'm told he is still committed to coming. Both camps are. Certainly, Kate and William will welcome him if he wants to come back.


"His intention is to come back. One may wonder, if his wife has just had a baby, I'm sure he could jump on a private jet and make a flying visit.

"But, will it be a convenient excuse so he doesn't have to come back and face the family?"

He added: "I think a lot will determine what happens in the interim period. Some quarters of the family did give him a frosty reception and perhaps that did shock him somewhat.


"I don't think we will realize the fallout of that Oprah Winfrey interview for some time.

"Maybe once we get back to a bit of normality, the rest of the family will start thinking about that a bit more carefully. It might not be good news for Harry."

And it seems Palace courtiers fear Meghan Markle "could be booed" if she makes another public appearance in the UK...


And with Harry's big public appearance coming up, it's got everyone worried.

A royal commentator said there are "genuine concerns" members of the public will vocalize their dislike of her if she returns.


Worried that she might accompany Harry to the UK this summer.

Dan Wootton said it is "unclear" if Meghan will join Harry at the unveiling of Diana's statue...


But he said Meghan remains a figure of "unpopularity" for many after the Oprah Winfrey interview.

Writing in his column for the Daily Mail, he said:


"Some courtiers hope that William and Harry will now be forced into a positive dialogue as they prepare for what would have been their late mother's 60th birthday on July 1."

"But it is unclear if Meghan, who is heavily pregnant with the couple's second child, will be involved in those discussions and if she will consider making her first trip back to London since Megxit.


"There are genuine concerns that she could be booed at an event attended by members of the public given her current unpopularity in the UK as a result of the Oprah interview."

He added such fears will likely make any negotiations "fraught."


Stay tuned for more updates on Princess Diana's statue reveal...