People Are Shocked To Discover How Expensive The Food Is At Salt Bae's Restaurant | 22 Words

We all remember Salt Bae of 2020 meme fame. But the price of dining at his new restaurant has left the internet shook...

Who doesn't love eating out?

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There's nothing better than having food prepped about brought to you.

But there is a downside.

Eating out can be prohibitively expensive.

But for many people...

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It's well worth it.

Nonetheless, there can be a scary moment.

When the bill arrives and you just aren't prepared for the price.

And the internet has had that collective experience this week.

When the true cost of Salt Bae's restaurant was revealed.

We all remember Salt Bae, right?​

The viral chef opened a new restaurant in Dallas that has shaken the internet this week.

Sure, it looks like fun.

The true definition of a celebrity chef.

Many are sharing their experiences in the restaurant.

But aside from the viral content of the videos, there's something many are taking issue with.

Check out that bill!

A $6k meal is way too much for any celebrity chef, right?

We'll certainly be giving the restaurant a miss.