Satan Has an Instagram Account and It's Funny As Hell | 22 Words

Did you know Satan had an Instagram account? Because he does and over 300K people follow it. I'm telling you, he's a pretty popular guy on there. Some may even say he's reached the almighty "influencer" level.

Check it out...

I bet you're wondering: What in the name of the good Lord would Satan be doing with an Instagram account?

Providing hilarious content, that's what. And also he got blocked from Twitter so he had no other choice.

According to his bio on the social media platform, he's not "evil," just "misunderstood."


And with the rapid decline of Christianity here in the United States, Satan is here to bring some well-needed excitement and relatability back to religious beliefs.

And let me tell you, he's doing a damn good job.

The account was initially created by Fallen Media, who decided they wanted to create an internet personality that could provide viral news in a fun and engaging way.

Of course, a lot of people find the account hilarious...


So without further ado, I'm going to take you through a bunch of his funniest moments online...

Hold onto your Holy Water, ladies and gentlemen, you're in for one Hell of a ride.

"You thought life was really that bad? Well, you were right."

"And you think your daddy issues are bad?"

"I don't think it's fair that heaven gets all the dogs."

"He is no simp for her or God. Be like HIM."

You can view his full account by clicking here.

Oh go on, you can repent for your sins later.

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