Principal Throws Beer at People Who Filmed Wife's Rant | 22 Words

The vice-principal of a New Jersey school was seen throwing beer at people who were filming and criticizing his wife's transphobic rant over the weekend...

And the couple's shocking behavior has appalled millions after their antics were posted on social media.


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Now, it's thanks to people like these that transgender people and members of the LGBTQ+ community continue to suffer from harassment and abuse on a daily basis...


And it's not okay.

Sadly, there are many individuals out there who hold extremely ignorant and biased ideologies when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community...

Including those who hold high positions of power and authority... which is when things can turn really ugly.

Well, this was demonstrated over the weekend when the vice-principle of a middle school was seen causing a commotion with his transphobic wife after seeing a transgender woman use a public restroom...


And people have been left feeling utterly disgusted, to say the least.

In footage filmed by Facebook user Peach CC, Michael Smurro, the vice-principal of Neptune Middle School in Monmouth County, is seen dining with his wife who is clearly irritated by something she just witnessed.


Lisa Smurro is heard complaining at length about a person she said is a transgender woman using the women's bathroom.

"A man just went into the women's bathroom, and it's not right! It's not right. It's not right. It's not right... She's a man. In my bathroom."

​After a couple of minutes, the couple becomes aware that they are being filmed...


And this is when things turn ugly.

Confronting the table of people who are filming, Ms. Smurro begins waving at the table and says, "Hi! You video taping me? Yeah, it's not right... a man just went in the women's bathroom and it's not right!"

The people sat at the table mildly taunt the angry woman by saying, "Get another drink" and "Maybe you could curse a little louder"...


Which is what prompts Ms. Smurro to storm over to their table.

"No ma'am, there was a man p****** in the women's bathroom," she says to a waitress who intervenes as the table tells her to "take her hate elsewhere."

"But she's a man," Ms. Smurro insisted, "she was in the women's bathroom."


As the waitress walks away to go and find a manager, Ms. Smurro continues to insist over and over again that the person using the women's bathroom is "a man," regardless of people telling her to "remove herself."

​This is when Mr. Smurro gets involved.


The vice-principle charges over and launches a full cup of beer over the table who were filming, saying, "Here you go pal, there you go... come on, now you can come out!"

People are clearly stunned over what Mr. Smurro had just done...


And since the video was posted on Facebook, it has spread like wildfire.

Well, believe it or not, the Smurros didn't take long to speak out about the incident.


Posted by Peach CC on Sunday, April 25, 2021

In an interview with the news site, which first reported the story, Lisa Smurro said she and her husband were having a private conversation when someone began filming them.

"We didn't bother anyone," she said, "This all began because somebody was in a bathroom that they shouldn't have been in."

But then, the Neptune school district posted a statement about the incident on its website on Tuesday.


"This event is troubling as its perception potentially threatens the social-emotional well-being and climate of belonging that our Neptune School District community represents," it read, "The actions shown in the video do not reflect our district's commitment to inclusivity, cooperation, respect, and non-violence.

"The Board of Education and Superintendent will respond to this incident in a manner that is appropriate and relative to the seriousness of the situation and that takes into consideration the impact this incident has had on the reputation of our wonderful district."

​This is perhaps what prompted Mr. Smurro to issue a formal apology for his behavior.


He said in an email to The Associated Press on Tuesday that he regrets throwing his beer when he and his wife realized other patrons were filming them.

"I allowed my emotions to get in the way of my normally sound judgement and reacted in a way that was inappropriate. I do not condone violence or discrimination of any kind and should have simply walked away. I apologize to the person I threw my beer at and wish I hadn't done so. I apologize to anyone I offended."

The Neptune school district is looking into the incident and will be treating it very seriously.

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Posted by Peach CC on Saturday, April 24, 2021

You can watch the shocking altercation here.