Scottie Pippen Offers $92 Overnight Airbnb Stays At His Home | 22 Words

Calling all Olympic fans, Scottie Pippen is offering overnight stays at his Highland Park home!

The fifty-five-year-old former basketball player has decided to rent out his home on Airbnb so that fans can enjoy the event from the comfort of an Olympic legend's home. That's almost better than actually being at the event, right? Well, it's a close second as spectators have largely been banned from the 2020 Games.


Pippen has even given fans an absolute bargain, offering up his 6-bedroom home for $92 a night, a cheeky nod to the year that he was on the 1992 Dream Team that brought home the win at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

"In honor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, I'm inviting basketball fans to my Chicago home to relive one of my career highlights - competing at the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992. I'm excited for you to cheer on the next generation of Olympians from my home court!" he wrote in the description.


So what can fans expect from this amazing opportunity? Well, Pippen stated that the second you step into his humble home, "you'll step into sports history." From Olympic Games memorabilia to items from Team USA's 2020 Medal Stand Collection, the athlete is giving fans the full experience. He even added that some of the items, you can even take home with you!

And that's not all...

"This stay will bring the spirit of the Olympic Games to life with highlights including:
- A virtual greeting upon check-in from me.
- Access to the home's indoor basketball court, where you and your fellow guests can enjoy a friendly game of one-on-one or a round of HORSE.
- The opportunity to lounge in my personal movie theater and watch the Olympic Games on NBCUniversal's broadcast networks and streaming services during the days of the stays, including men's and women's basketball. Plus, guests can watch footage of the team's historic 1992 run in Barcelona.
- A chance to relax outdoors by the pool, complete with an outdoor television so you don't miss a moment of the Olympic Games - even while swimming. It's one of my favorite things to do, other than play hoops.
- You can also hold a mini competition of your own in the arcade room, or take a breather after hitting the court in the indoor sauna.
- Fuel up with some of my preferred pre-game foods, including fresh fruits and veggies, or my usual dinner before a big game - steak, a baked potato, and asparagus.
- Exclusive access to view Olympic Games memorabilia, including items from Team USA's 2020 Medal Stand Collection that guests can take home with them."


Sounds like the full package, right? And for only $92? What an absolute bargain. Bookings opened yesterday and will be offering the cool experience for 3 nights only so you better be quick if this is something that's right up your street.

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