Freddie Mercury The Seal Pup Dies After Vicious Attack | 22 Words

One "loving and trusting" seal pup in the UK has suffered a devastating fate after a dog attack, and people have been left distraught over the heartbreaking photos.

The following article contains images some may find upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

We've all seen seals before.

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And common or harbor seals can often be seen along the River Thames, in London UK.

The Zoological Society of London's Thames Marine Mammal Survey reported 117 sightings of the mammal this year!

And they are absolutely adorable.

However, one seal pup named Freddie Mercury has suffered a devastating fate...

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After an "out of control" dog got its paws on the pup.

The seal was named after the famous singer after entertaining people on the shore.

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Having arrived in Hammersmith in February.

He even made an appearance on This Morning and other UK news channels due to his lively nature...

A fundraiser set up for the pup said he "brought much-needed joy and smiles" to the community.

However, recent distressing images showed the "serious" injuries he suffered after a vicious dog attack...


The British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) have since confirmed Freddie had to be put down.

Keep scrolling to see the devastating pictures for yourself...

People have been left distraught by the images of the playful seal pup...


BDMLR said it sent medics to try and help Freddie, but his injuries were too severe...

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They included a bite to his right flipper later revealing a broken bone, dislocation, and damage to his joints, ligaments, and nerves.

Because of this, it was "impossible" to treat and release him...

A statement from the charity said: "We contacted a number of marine mammal veterinarians in the UK and the Netherlands, including an orthopaedic surgeon, and sadly based on their experiences the decision is that he needed to be euthanised for his welfare.

"We would be unable to release a seal back into the wild with one flipper, if amputation was an option, as we have a firm policy on not putting animals into captivity, and the seal's welfare must be put first and foremost."

Alan Knight OBE, CEO of BDMLR, said: "Freddie was a wild seal and after the ferocious attack on Sunday he suffered a serious broken and dislocated flipper.

"We contacted one of the UK's leading orthopedic surgeons, and he said that unfortunately, the only option was to euthanize the seal."

An update on the BDMLR Facebook page thanked the "huge outpouring of support" for Freddie and those who tried to help him. 

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It said: "We are all absolutely gutted to hear about the extent of the injuries Freddie suffered and highlights yet again the serious problems that can arise when humans and dogs encounter wild animals.

"We hope that his story will go a long way to helping educate people to look up and follow the appropriate guidelines for how to behave respectfully around wild animals and not cause disturbance or worse to them."

The post added: "All we can hope now is that people can learn from this and help keep our wildlife safe."


A Facebook message from South Essex Wildlife Hospital also said: "Please folks do not go near seals and always, always, keep dogs on leads and under control."

Rest in peace.