People Are Calling This Seemingly Simple Riddle 'Impossible' | 22 Words

Are you a little bit bored? Want to have some fun? Well, let's see if you can crack an almost impossible riddle!

And you know if you need any more persuading, riddles are really good for your mental health. In fact, solving a riddle boosts your happiness and can even impact your memory, giving you more energy to conquer everything else in your life.

According to the Irish Times, puzzles are great for improving concentration and mental ability.

Let's not underestimate this one either, even if you're an experienced riddle solver, you might find yourself struggling just a little with this one. But it is a whole lot of fun.

So, you might be experienced, but this riddle might even challenge you!

Come on, really give it your all, and don't worry, we wouldn't be that cruel to not give you the solution to this difficult little riddle, but don't scroll until you've TRIED to solve it! Have fun.


Are you ready to find out whether you're a genius riddle solver? Well, here goes.

The correct answer is *drum roll* 1 hour. Did you get it right?

Don't worry if not, we found it hard too!