Digital Underground's Shock G Dead at 57 | 22 Words

Digital Underground's Shock G has tragically passed away aged fifty-seven, his father has confirmed.

Tributes are already rolling in for the late star...


Shock G is most famous for his work with Digital Underground.


Their 1989 hit song "The Humpty Dance" is an absolute classic.

He also famously worked with the late Tupac Shakur.


He featured on Pac's 1993 song "I Get Around" and he was one of the producers on Tupac's 1991 debut solo album, "2Pacalypse Now."

Shock G also worked as a producer for multiple other artists.


Including Dr. Dre, Prince, KRS-One, and many more.

His father, Edward Racker, confirmed Shock G had been found dead on Thursday in a hotel room in Tampa.


He was just fifty-seven years old. Rest in Peace.