Simone Biles Gave Jade Carey Advice Before She Won Gold | 22 Words

The world of Team USA gymnastics has been drama-filled over the past week. After Simone Biles made the brave decision to take a step back from the Olympic Games to focus on her mental health, fellow athlete Jade Carey stepped up and ended up winning gold for her incredible floor routine.

Carey claims she knew she'd done her career-best following the routine on Monday. "I think coming back from a day like yesterday, I'm really proud of myself for being able to put that behind me and finish with probably the best floor routine I've ever done in my life," Carey told People.

She'd previously stumbled in the competition, after appearing to trip into the run-up for her vault performance. "It was a challenge, but I didn't want to give up," Carey said on Monday. "And I heard everyone in the stands cheering for me and that really helped. But for tonight I just had to let that go and think about floor and give it my all."

Carey also revealed that the support of her fellow athletes, plus her father (who is also her coach) is what gave her the impetus to continue. "No one else I would want to share these moments with," she captioned her Instagram photo.

"Having my dad here means everything to me — this is all we've ever dreamed of," she told PEOPLE. "And it's just really special to be able to get this medal with him out there by my side. And he's supported me 100 percent the whole time." But it was also the support of her fellow Team USA gymnasts who got Carey through.

"That means everything to me to have them here supporting me. They were honestly the best teammates ever — especially last night. So I was just really lucky to have them up there supporting me [...] Simone especially, was just helping me let it go and move on."

Carey also shared the very special advice Biles had offered her before the floor routine. "She just said, 'It happened and [you] can't do anything about it,' and she's just like, 'Let's go out and kill floor.' So that's what I did."

People are absolutely loving the camaraderie between these talented athletes, and are immensely proud of Carey for overcoming adversity and claiming victory. "So proud of her & how she came back after such a disappointing performance the other night. She is what champions are made of!!!!" wrote one Facebook fan. "I'm so happy for her! What was especially nice to see is how these girls supported each other during the ups and downs. An example we can all learn from," another added.

Huge congratulations to Carey and all of Team USA!