TikTok Shows Police at Six Flags Confronting Woman | 22 Words

The internet has been left reeling after a TikTok video that went viral shows a police officer confronting a woman over her "too small" shorts...

The shocking incident took place at a Six Flags theme park in Oklahoma City.

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With the woman in the video claiming that managers at the park "body shamed" her.

Before threatening her with "criminal trespassing"...


And witness to the horrible ordeal was her eleven-year-old daughter who was crying at the belief that her mom was going to be arrested.

It safe to say, the shocking incident has triggered a huge debate over how women are treated over their choices of clothing.


Scroll on for the eye-opening confrontation...

Now, we all know that women have been judged on the way they choose to dress for centuries...


And although we're living in a very progressive 2021, so many continue to be objectified and shamed for their choice of clothing.

Whether it's a bikini that's "too revealing"...


Or a dress that's cut a little bit "too short," women all around the world continue to face harassment and judgment over what they choose to wear.

This is not okay...

And a young woman at a theme park recently faced this kind of harassment over the shorts she was wearing.

Bailey Breedlove visited Frontier City, a Six Flags amusement park in Oklahoma City, with her family on April 30th...


And they were having a wonderful time until a park police officer confronted them over her eleven-year-old daughter wearing heelies.

"About 7 pm, my daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill on her heelies right next to me," she explained in a Facebook post.

After telling off the family for allowing their child to wear heelies, the officer then turned her attention to Bailey...

Posted by Bailey Breedlove on Saturday, December 22, 2018

And told her that her denim shorts were "too short."

The confrontation quickly became heated...

And people have been left appalled over the way Bailey was treated because of her choice of shorts.

Bailey posted a video showing the confrontation on TikTok...

Posted by Bailey Breedlove on Saturday, September 26, 2020

​And she is seen sitting on a ledge with her daughter - who is visibly upset by the situation.

"I committed no crime and proceeded to walk to my boyfriend as I am autistic and have a hard time talking to officers. She followed me yelling and calling for backup. Then your incompetent manager showed up and began body shaming me. I was told I needed to go buy new shorts which I am not obligated to purchase anything I don't want to," the mom wrote in her Facebook post.

The officer then threatened Bailey with "criminal trespassing."


"Then I was threatened with criminal trespassing when I agreed to buy new shorts so my family could enjoy their vacation. I was then pushed and escorted toward the entrance. Accepting this, we were about to leave and were blocked by a female officer from leaving and she pulled out her cuffs and demanded my ID."

"When we asked for a probable cause their answer was 'because they are the police'."


​"At this point, we started recording so we do have video of the unlawful tactics. They wouldn't provide us with badge numbers and I was terrified I was about to go to jail over a pair of shorts," the mom explained.

Her daughter was becoming more and more distressed which didn't seem to phase the officers at all.

Bailey then demanded a refund from the park as she had "paid a lot of money" and "a lot of trauma was caused" to her family due to the officer's treatment.



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The mom is yet to hear from the park over the incident and she feels she has been "blocked" by them, which she explained in a follow-up TikTok video.

You can witness the confrontation for yourselves here:


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Do you think Bailey should have been treated in this way over something as trivial as denim shorts? Or do you think guests should abide by a certain dress code when visiting theme parks?