"I do this to people when I wanna hang up," she admits. | 22 Words

Social media personality Woah Vicky has shared her smartphone hack for getting out of a phone call.

And people think it's genius...

For some, answering the phone can be a stressful experience...


Especially if it's an unknown number.

Or you might just not be in the mood to talk but feel rude ignoring a call.


Well if you've veer been in this situation, you'll want to know one woman's clever trick...

Woah Vicky shared a smartphone lifehack on the YouTube series, Unfiltered with Zane and Heath, for hanging up without being rude...

And she was branded a "genius" for it...

Many shared their shocked reactions by stitching the video...

With one by @chrisbach1986maccers getting a lot of attention.

One commenter said: "Ok but she's teaching me things."


Another wrote: "She's actually a secret genius."

"Smartest thing I've ever seen," added a third.

A different user added: "The power I now hold is dangerous."

A clip from the show has been shared on TikTok and quickly went viral...


In the video, Vicky's phone rings and despite not knowing the number, she picks up.

She says: "Oh wassup."


Before quickly switching her phone to Airplane Mode.

"I do this to people when I wanna hang up," she admits.


She goes on to explain that this sends a message to the other person saying "call failed" instead of "call ended."

So it looks as if Vicky was cut off.


"That is genius," one of the guys said.

Vicky adds: "I always do that. It will say reconnecting."

The best part is it won't reconnect.


More than eleven million people have since watched the clip, which has received thousands of comments.

You can watch the video below...


How To Hang Up On Somebody With Airplane Mode Hack

So clever!

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