Skit Might Be the Most Accurate Thing Parents Have Ever Seen | 22 Words

Heidi Gardner and host Emma Thompson recently offered a relatable glimpse at the realities of being a mother on Saturday Night Live. The famous duo took part in a sketch that really did have mother's around the world relating to the experience of motherhood.

In the skit, an overwhelmed toddler mom, who was played by Heidi Gardner, had a talk with her own mom, played by Emma Thompson, about feeling as though her mom is so much more pulled together than herself. But we see flashbacks to what Thompson's character was really like as a mom and of course, it was never perfect...

Gardner's character thought that her mom always managed to keep her cool when, in reality, she lost her patience in the flashback when toddler-related disasters happened, such as the TV being smeared with paint. She was also seen trying to keep her calm just before she serves birthday cake to a dozen of crazy kids at a party.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler also joined Thompson on stage at the start of the Saturday Night Live show to translate "mom speak."

"When you ask your mother what she wants to do for Mothers' day and she says 'just a relax in the backyard, maybe a massage what she's actually asking is how does one buy weed?'" the triplet jokingly said.

"This may come as a shock but your mother has a life outside of you so when she says I'm going to book club tonight what she means is 'I'm about to get turnt at Linda's'."

They then go on to describe British moms as "cryptic."

"When your British mom says I'm splendid, what she means is: I'm sad, I'm happy. How are you? You embarrass me. I'm crazy. I'm drunk," they continued comically.

People took to the Twitter comments to give their love to the women's summary of motherhood:

"I'm cracking up with this one cause it's so f-ing true," someone wrote with 3 laughing emojis.

"This was brilliant!" another commented.

Well, we think that Gardner and Thompson hit the nail on the head perfectly when it comes to the life of moms!