Please Don’t Tell Me You’ve Been Sleeping on This Caddy | 22 Words

After a long day at work, you probably just want to lounge about on the couch and watch a movie, right? But then the worst happens... Your drink spills and you get candy all over you and somehow the remote has disappeared behind the cushions of the couch. It's because you've been sleeping on this amazing couch companion... Have a look for yourselves.

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The MOOKUNDY Sofa Buddy is honestly the best thing that has happened in 2021.


This couch companion is going to be the best thing you've ever bought, I promise you. One of the most annoying things is laying on the couch and not having a cupholder close by. Convenient and portable, the Sofa Buddy will be there to help you wherever you need him to be. The handy gadget is equipped with anti-slip lining at the bottom of the cushion to further promote a strong stationary hold.

Sofa Buddy is equipped with weights hidden within the coaster holes to ensure a strong stationary hold.


This is what makes it differ so much from other competitors, as the stability massively improves the user experience. At the bottom of all coasters, holes are hard plastic pieces that ensure your beverage can rest on a 100% horizontal flat surface.

"I am using the MOOKUNDY tray on my king-sized bed. It is perfect. I was always losing my remote, or my cell phone, my glasses, or my headset in the bed covers, and now I have all those items located in the same place." One customer said.


The continued: "The MOOKUNDY is well made and has a lot of room for many different items. This has done a lot to help tidy up my bed. I have a 32-oz water tumbler that fits perfectly in it at night and is very stable and sturdy. The water has never tipped over. There's also room in there for a coffee cup with a handle or any pill bottles that you might have, remote, tissues, etc.

"I had no idea this kind of tray existed until I found it on Amazon, and I am so happy I purchased it. It has kind of a removable leather-like cover over it which is easily cleanable, and I like the dark color which matches the decor in my bedroom. I feel that it is very well made, a great value for the money, very sturdy and stable, and not flimsy at all. I am so happy I purchased this. I've needed something like this for years! I highly recommend."

And we would too!



"The Sofa buddy is thick and cushiony. Lightweight but sturdy and well-balanced! This is my big yeti cup in it and it was on the edge of the couch without falling!! I have kids who try to plop next to me and knock my drinks over because I try to balance them on the couch. This is amaaaaaazing. Now no more spilled drinks. I'm so excited. Thank you thank you thank you thank you."

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