Soldier Sells His Bravery Medal So He Can Buy a House | 22 Words

A former British soldier is trying to raise enough money to buy a house and he's doing so by auctioning off his bravery medal.

In August 2003, Shaun Garry Jardine from Dumfries, Scotland, helped save his team after his quick thinking forced the enemy to withdraw from the territory, giving his men the time and the room to escape.


Speaking of the moment in Iraq, he said: "I started running across the bridge and they had seen me immediately. They were lying down, prone position, and firing at me as I ran; I saw their fingers on the triggers, then the muzzle flashes and then I could hear the rounds zipping past.

"I remember thinking, why are they not hitting me?"

The soldier killed 2 of his attackers before calling his team forward and attacking a 3rd enemy.

He was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) for his efforts but now he's planning on selling the sentimental award in order to buy a house. The medal is expected to secure between £120,000 and £140,000, which is approximately around the $193,630 mark when it goes to auction. He is also selling another 5 medals.

"I am very happy with the result and what Dix Noonan Webb have done for me to get such a good price for my medals," he said. "It will really help towards securing a new home for my family."

Head of client liaison at Dix Noonan Webb, Christopher Mellor-Hill said that, up until today, only sixty CGCs have been awarded.

"The award to Jardine is unique to the King's Own Scottish Borderers and is the only CGC to have been awarded to any Scottish regiment," he added.

Jardine joined the army when he was sixteen and only recently left so he could focus on his family. The thirty-nine-year-old soldier served as a corporal in the King's Own Scottish Borderers and later moved to the Royal Regiment of Scotland before rising to the rank of warrant officer class 2.