Solo Diner Offended After She Sees How Server Described Her on Her Receipt | 22 Words

A woman has gone viral after she shared how her server described her on her receipt.

And it turns out she's not the only person to have experienced this...

Sometimes, it's nice to have a bit of alone time.

Time for self-care and self-love, with no distractions or interruptions.

That could be visiting the salon, going shopping or watching a movie...

Or even going for dinner- it's completely normal!

Well, that's what one woman thought until she went for a solo dinner and left feeling embarrassed and disrespected by her server...

After he wrote a customer description on her restaurant receipt...

And after sharing it online, it's prompted quite the debate...

With some people sharing their own restaurant descriptions.

While others argue the description was truthful, rather than disrespectful...

So, why do all these people have descriptions on their receipts?


Well, according to bartenders there's actually a pretty good reason for it...

Workers within the industry have explained that bartenders often label receipts with visible details about the customer in order to help with service efficiency.


By labelling the receipt with a clear description of who the diner is, it helps to identify them quicker.

So, for example, if you turn up to dinner wearing a bright red shirt, it's likely your receipt could be labeled as "woman in red shirt."


Which as long as it's not offensive, actually makes sense.

So, you're wondering how they described the woman?

She was described as "girl by herself."

What do you think?

Is it disrespectful or is it truthful?