Some Men Are Very Upset at Existence of All-Female Gym in Kansas | 22 Words

Women only gyms have become a touch popular recently - after a growing number of women claimed that men had left them uncomfortable at mixed sex gyms.

But now, many men aren't happy about it....

Female only gyms have been popping up recently.

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And not too long ago, one TikToker shared a video of her female only gym.

The video went viral.

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With countless women praising the gyms.


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Many men have been complaining about the female-only gyms...

Now, going to the gym can be an incredibly daunting task for some people...

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Especially for women.

In society, there has always been an overwhelming pressure for women to constantly look their best.

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And, sadly, the gym fares no differently.

With the vast range of gym ware available these days...

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It can be easy to forget that a gym is a place to, you know, work out, not to show off your latest sports bra like you're at a fashion competition.

It's a sad reality of life that, while working out and trying to better their fitness...

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Women are constantly judged and scrutinized by others at the gym.

Whether a woman is deemed as too undesirable...

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Or whether her clothes have been dubbed as too revealing, there is always something about a woman working out that doesn't sit too well with some men.

So what's the answer?

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Well for many women, it's simple...

Female-only gyms.

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And one TikTok user, @heatherhuesman, documented her female-only gym in Kansas.

The gym is called Blush Fitness.

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And it looks just like a standard gym apart from its female-only rule...

Many women have praised the gym.

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And it's understandable - given there's been a lot of viral stories recently about creepy guys at the gym.

However many men were not happy at all.

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Some even claimed the rule was a form of segregation.

Take a look at some comments below.

She then broached the question:

"When will we stop policing women’s bodies and HOLD THE OTHER’S ACCOUNTABLE FOR SEXUALIZING THEM?"

Posting the video, Heather Huseman, wrote:

The BEST GYM! We need these everywhere, we feel so safe and comfortable going to the gym, gonna be my new favorite spot!

Take a look at the video below:

What do you think?

Is it fair or segregation?

The statistics are bleak.

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In her lengthy post, Julia wrote: "Did you know that 65% of women actually try to avoid the gym over a fear of being judged?"

Of course, men feel very differently about the gym.

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"Fitness Magazine conducted this study and in comparison, only 36% of men felt this way. Do you realize what this statistic suggests? That women are automatically more cautious about what they wear to the gym to avoid criticisms and negative comments."

Oh, and this is what she was wearing, by the way.

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Are you offended by this? Would you put distracted, or put off from your work out because of her outfit? Nope, didn't think so.

The gym in question is yet to address Julia's allegations.

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But hundreds of her followers were completely livid with the story. One social media user commented, "Seriously? Girl, riot! bet you’re not the only one this has happened to either!" A fellow gym-goer added: "That is infuriating!! I’m so mad for you girl and mad that we have to deal with this sexism." For more on people fighting against the unreasonable standards in our gyms, keep scrolling to see the old man who worked out in his overalls...