Someone Told Their Neighbor's Kids To 'Shut up' | 22 Words

Noisy neighbors... Nobody wants them.

When one woman had noisy children living above, she told them to "shut up" and now their parents are demanding an apology.

After hearing the full story, it has seriously divided opinions...

Telling someone to "shut up" is actually pretty harsh.

After all, there are much nicer ways to ask someone to be quiet.

Some people can actually find it offensive..

As one neighbor found out when they told children in their apartment building to "shut up."

The reaction might shock you...

Now, being a parent isn't easy.

After all, you are looking after a mini human.

Children, especially young ones, love to scream and shout.

It's normal childish behavior that as a parent, you just get used to.

But your neighbours don't...

As one mom found out when her neighbour told her told her kids to "shut up."

She's now demanding an apology.

But the whole story has caused quite the mix of opinions online...

Reddit user u/maybeicul8r posted into the "Am I The A*shole?" forum to share a problem they've encountered with their neighbor.


The Reddit user has lived in an apartment building for 8 years and it's always been pretty quiet there.

But, a few weeks ago after a family with young children moved in 1 floor up, that all changed...

"Ever since then I've heard their morning ritual of Child 1 shouting 'Nooooo' or 'don't wanna' or a combination of both on their way to daycare. Plus/minus Child 2 screaming," they wrote.

"Most afternoons/evenings don't go by without Child 1 shouting 'Moooooom Moooooom Moooooom' constantly in the hallway."

"Given that the building is old we hear this sh*te inside our unit even with the doors/windows shut."

Eventually, this Reddit user had enough of the screaming...

"I just had enough today and while Child 1 was doing its evening mom-shout on our floor up towards theirs, in what seemed like it lasted way longer than usual, I totally just opened the door, told the kid to shut up, and closed it again. I didn't swear or use any bad words, just so that's said," they explained.

But as you can imagine, it didn't go down well with the parents.

"Parents then later came to our door to get me to come [and] apologize to the child, I didn't want to, and we disagreed on it being normal to raise kids to understand not to shout like that in the common stairway area."

They then explained they did feel a little bad about the "strict tone of voice" but explained they were frustrated.

"Ok so I did feel bad for having a strict tone of voice at a child not my own, but after speaking to the parents it didn't seem like they saw the problem of their child acting as such. They almost made it seem like I wasn't sympathetic to what it's like with kids," they said.

We can see both sides of the argument.

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