Son Devastated After None of His Mom's Friends Come To Her Birthday | 22 Words

A son was left heartbroken when no one showed up to his mother's birthday party, so much so, he surprised her with the greatest gift she could have asked for...

TikTok user @coxy.official shared the devastating video of his mom sitting alone outside waiting for her friends to turn up, while opening presents on her own.

According to Coxy, his mom said she "was ok" but he knew she was "upset" and added that she "deserved better."

The video has now been viewed over 8 million times, and the comments section is filled with messages from well-wishers...

One said: "Omg I am crying. Please tell her I would have come to her party."

Another added: "I feel so bad for her, I would have come to the party."

Although the gut-wrenching video left many people feeling sorry for the woman, Coxy posted a follow-up video, which included an incredible surprise for his mom.

He wrote a message on multiple pieces of paper detailing his surprise, which he asked his mom to read out, and when she found out what he had done she broke down into tears...

The notes said: "For your birthday I wanted to do something different so I have paid off your mortgage."

Coxy added: "As nobody showed up I wanted to do something extra special for her.

"So she now has more money for the things she wants."

People were moved by his gesture...

One Facebook user wrote: "What a lovely son so kind and caring towards his mum. As for the family and friends you know where you stand with then keep them at arm's length. I remember my mother saying years ago nobody visits but when somebody passes away they come for miles to pay their respects."

While another commented: "I know people might want to be careful, with what's going on. But come on, how would they feel if no one turned up? I'm sorry but I don't think they're good friends if they don't at least pop and see her on her birthday. I've seen a few of these lately and it's awful! I wonder if she'll have more friends now she hasn't got a mortgage to pay?"

However, not everyone was a fan of his video...

"Not the first and certainly not the last only difference is he took a video and shared it... don't understand why people can't do nice things without looking at views via TikTok, admiration, and compliments online? What happened to be a decent human being without the frills? Doing something nice for family friends or strangers without looking at views or likes etc? Where the majority of those in the 80s/90s/early 2000s didn't have platforms to perform on they do now for money pending likes shares and followings that is what is sad," a third wrote.

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