Spain Set To Legalize Euthanasia Today in Landmark Ruling | 22 Words

Big news just in regarding Spain's euthanasia laws...

Spain is set to approve a law legalizing euthanasia.

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Spanish parliament is set to give final approval for the law today.

It comes as a huge victory for those pushing for the right to assisted dying.


However, there are some strict rules surrounding the controversial new law...

And of course, there's a mixed response to the law.

Some people have applauded Spain for their "fantastic" move...

However, on the other hand, people are not impressed with the decision.

In a landslide victory, Spain has voted to legalize euthanasia.

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It will be voted on today and comes into effect in June.

The legislation will allow euthanasia, in which medical staff deliberately end a life to help prevent suffering.


And also, assisted suicide or sometimes known as "assisted dying," in which the patient is the one to end their own life.

Now, assisted dying and euthanasia has long been embroiled in controversy.

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For decades, opinions have been divided as to whether it is the right thing to do, and it has fared no differently with regards to Spain's new law.

Despite it being legalized, there will be strict conditions before a patient can choose to do so.


Some of those conditions include being a Spanish national or legal resident and being "fully aware and conscious" upon requesting it to happen.

Requests will be required to be made twice.


They should be fifteen days apart from each and will be required to be approved by a second medic and an evaluation body.

Those who do not reach the necessary criteria are likely to have their requests declined.

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Spain's lower house of parliament, Health Minister Salvador Illa, spoke when the bill was first approved back in December and said: "It is an important day for all citizens because we are moving towards a more humane and just society."

"But above all, it is an important day for those people who are in a situation of serious suffering, and it is also important for their families and people close to them."

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Spain will become the sixth country worldwide to acknowledge the right to an assisted death following the steps of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, and New Zealand.

Assisted suicide is currently legal in several states across the US but euthanasia is illegal throughout.


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