​But it seemed as though the overriding reaction was this. | 22 Words

Most of us wouldn't be that pleased about finding a spider in our house. But Hollie Hunter, from Livingston, UK, had such an extreme reaction that her neighbors thought something much more sinister was afoot.

​Arachnophobia is hugely common.

There's something about these little 8-legged guys that is just inherently creepy.

But one woman's reaction is perhaps the most extreme form of the phobia we've ever seen...

Hollie Hunter shared this hilarious Facebook post that got the whole internet talking this week.

She told Edinburgh Evening News: "I'd just spent 40 minutes trying to get rid of a moth to then come back into my bedroom and find a massive spider at the bottom of my bed."

"I'd honestly say it was the size of the palm of my hand. I was launching books at it, and when it ran towards me I screamed and started running to different rooms. I think I was screaming and crying and making such a racket that my neighbor thought I was being attacked. I looked through the peephole and five policemen were standing there."

"I opened my door, and before they could say anything I just cried: 'I'm so sorry there's a spider under my bed and I'm petrified!'"

"While they still had my bed in the air, the spider strolled out into the hall. One of the officers picked it up with his hand and took it outside with him...not without laughing at me."

She subsequently shared her story on Facebook, where it received thousands of likes and comments.

"Never been so mortified in my whole life, soooo glad they saw the funny side and disposed of said spider. Think it's time to seek help for my phobias," she joked.

But it seemed as though the overriding reaction was this.


Sure, this was a false alarm, but when it comes to domestic disturbances, it's always better to be safe than sorry. We can only hope all neighbors are so conscientious!