Sports Illustrated's Oldest-Ever Model Says 'Old Is New Hot' | 22 Words

Sports Illustrated's oldest-ever bikini model, Kathy Jacobs, isn't intimated by young models as she has said that "old is the new hot."

Fifty-seven-year-old Jacobs was selected to be a model for the famous swimwear magazine after submitting a video of herself stating why she thought she should be included.

And now, the mom of 1 is making an appearance in SI's 2021 Swimsuit edition - making her the oldest woman to ever be featured in the issue's fifty-seven-year history.

Speaking with the New York Post, she said: "I'm closer to sixty than I am to fifty at this point. So, to be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine representing ladies my age is just the best feeling in the world."

Jacobs was selected to be in Sports Illustrated after she submitted a video to the publication's yearly 'Swim Search.'

In her sixty-second video, explaining why she should be chosen, Jacobs said: "Old is gold. And short is sexy. Heck, I'm so out, I'm in."

Speaking with the Post about when she first took to the runaway, Jacobs noted how thankful she was to serve as a delegate for women in her age demographic.

"When I first went out [on the runway] the main thing on my mind was to show gratitude," she said. "I was talking to the ladies [in the audience] saying, 'I represent you' as I walked."

Jacobs took to the runway with models almost the same age as her daughter, but fortunately, that didn't bother her. She took to the stage enjoying herself and taking full advantage of being up there, despite the age difference.

"I was like 'screw it,'" Jacobs said. "I'm going to be my biggest, baddest and boldest self. I'm taking full advantage of this moment. Because It's taken me so long to get here."

Although Jacobs only hit the runway for Sports Illustrated recently, she has been in the modeling industry for around thirty-seven years.

"I've been trying to break into the modeling industry for about thirty-seven years now," she explained. "I moved to New York when I was nineteen and worked with Ford models."

She then "tried and tried and tried" to break into the high-fashion world but sadly it didn't happen.

Now a model for Sports Illustrated, Jacobs is also working on creating her own skin-care line curated for women over fifty.

"Put ladies over fifty, sixty, and seventy in your ads and on the runway," she said "We should be honored by major brands because we're the demographic with the most disposable income."

"Show these ladies some love."