'Making a Murderer' Steve Avery’s Mom Has Died | 22 Words

Making a Murderer's Steven Avery's mom has passed away at the age of eighty-three - just a day before his birthday.

Steven told TMZ: "Losing my parents before I got out has always been my worst nightmare. Now it has happened. I worry my Dad will not live to see me as a free man. Today I lost the person I most wanted to take care of and give a better life when I am freed. I cannot put in words the pain of losing my mom."

Avery's brother, Earl, told TMZ that Dolores had been in hospice care for 3 weeks before her death, passing away from dementia. Dolores had continuously maintained that her son was innocent but died just 1 day before his fifty-ninth birthday.


As per Britannica, Steven served eighteen years in prison (1985–2003) for r*pe and attempted murder before his conviction was overturned because of DNA evidence.

However, some had doubts about his guilt in connection to the r*pe charge, believing that Gregory A. Allen, an area man who resembled Steven and was suspected in other sex crimes, might actually be the criminal behind the incident.

Steven was released and all charges were dropped after DNA was linked to Gregory, proving Steven's innocence. But later in 2005, Steven was convicted of murder and alleged r*pe following the disappearance of Teresa Halbach, whose bones were later located near his home, along with her car and car keys on his property.

He still maintains his innocence and claims that he's being set up so as to undermine his civil suit, with his attorneys arguing the blood found in Teresa's car came from a sample during the 1985 case.

His family have been arguing since 2016 that Steven's rights have been violated and detectives had gathered evidence that wasn't included in their search warrant, asking the appeals court to put Steven's recent appeal on hold and send his case to the circuit court to hear the testimony of the recently 'new' witnesses.

Our heart goes out to those grieving Dolores passing, Rest in Peace.