Store Bans Customers From Paying With 'Cash Stashed in Bras' | 22 Words

A shop in Dublin has banned customers from paying for items with cash that has been stashed in their bras.

Michael Flynn, a mattress salesman, has banned all those customers who wish to pay for items they are purchasing with money that has been stored in their bra.

Flynn, who is also known as Mattress Mick, issued the ban as the Irish city continues to experience increasingly high temperatures.

Informing customers on a poster outside of the shop, he wrote: "NO BRA MONEY. Due to increasing temperatures, and for our own personal safety, we will NOT be accepting any bra money. Sorry for any inconvenience."

And, if that wasn't enough to make the message clear, he also took to Facebook writing:

"An URGENT alert in our #coolock store.

"Due to soaring heatwave across Dublin and ongoing safe trading with social distancing, we would urge all customers not to pay us from their bras and keep your euro notes in your purse or handbag at all times."

It's an unusual request from Flynn, but it seems the unusual request has resonated with a lot of people.

"I worked In retail for ten years and sweaty boob money was the worst. Use a purse or wallet please," wrote one person.

"Good! It's disgusting, used to bloody hate this as a retail worker - or loyalty key cards that 3 seconds prior were in a baby's mouth and they give it to you covered in slobber to scan. No thank you," said another.

"I worked at a store that the ladies used bra money and some of the guys had money in their underwear!!! I was using hand sanitizer before covid," added a third.

Although, others disagreed with his request, writing: "I will take all the sticky money that anyone wants to give me or what someone else doesn't want. Gladly and thankfully."

The post has also drawn attention to other issues as one person wrote: "Maybe women's clothes should actually be made with decent pockets then women wouldn't have to!"

What do you think of Mattress Mick's request?