Student Lost Deposit After Landlord 'Found a Single Pea.' | 22 Words

Like a fairytale gone wrong, a single pea has cost this girl £210 ($291) after her landlord found it in her fridge after she had moved out of the property.

Matilda Hargreaves, twenty, said she received a photo of the little green vegetable as an explanation as to why her deposit was not returned to her. The student from Liverpool John Moores University has since slammed her landlord as "just ridiculous," but is not contesting the decision.

Due to the pandemic, Matilda, who was studying English Literature, was living in the 7-bedroom home with just 3 others.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, she claimed that she and her roommates had returned the flat in a "much better state than it was when we moved in."

She said: "To be refused the deposit and sent a picture of a single pea in a freezer as a way of explanation is just beyond ridiculous. We were also sent a picture of a bottle of Febreze we'd left in one of the rooms."

"We were shocked so much had been taken. I felt like replying saying for £210 I'll come and clean it myself. It wouldn't have taken long.

"We did have a good chuckle at it. One of the images they sent that really made us laugh was the outside area.


"When we moved in, there was a lot of cardboard and we cleared it. But because we left a couple of bits of it, behind they've charged us for that as well."

Matilda, from Crewe, said she was fed up and exhausted from a difficult year of learning mind the Covid-19 crisis. She explained: "We've had a hard year during Covid as students, We had issues all year with the WiFi, we were emailing them telling them our lectures were online, and it was to no avail.

"We lost a year of our student lives; it was very draining. They should've cut us some slack.

"We were debating appealing it, but we were so fed up with everything we thought, let's just take it," she added.

"It's so frustrating dealing with student landlord companies because they can make you feel like you don't know anything. But we're lucky we've got parents that have experience in this."

She hopes her story will incite conversation surrounding nightmare student landlord stories. One commenter is reported as per The Metro saying: "When we moved out our landlord took half of our deposit for a deep clean for Covid purpose. Cuz Covid was definitely our fault."

Another said: "Our landlord charged £500 for carpet cleaning and then we walked by the place a week later and all the carpet was in a skip."