Teacher Reportedly Told 14-Year-Old Her Outfit Was Revealing | 22 Words

In yet another row about school dress codes, a fourteen-year-old girl was reportedly told by her eighth-grade teacher that her outfit was too revealing.

After seeing the outfit in question, people have been left outraged...

Now, we all know that teachers hold huge amounts of responsibility.

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Because they are responsible for the education and livelihoods of their classroom which, ultimately, will help shape their kids into well-rounded adults.

The majority of children and young people look up to their teachers...

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And they see them as a solid influence in their young lives.

So if a teacher is seen doing anything...

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Their classroom will more than likely mimic whatever it is they're doing because at the end of the day, they're role models!

And more than often, if a teacher has to discipline or send a pupil home...

They're doing it for their own good... right?

Well, we all know that some teachers can be notoriously old-fashioned...

And that is what brings us to today's shocking story.

A fourteen-year-old girl was told by her teacher at her school in Florida, that her outfit was too revealing...


She was also told by her teacher that she was "letting them hang out for the whole world to see."

Quite predictably, a surge of outrage was triggered online upon hearing the story...


On the other hand, many had to agree with the teacher...


Alice Wagner, who attends Yulee Middle School, spoke with News4Jax to share her story.

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She explained to the station that her teacher commented on her clothes as she was leaving her classroom.

"(The teacher) told me I was 'letting them hang out for the whole world to see,'" she said.

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"I went to the bathroom and I came back and I said, 'You need to stop sexualizing 14-year-old girls.' I grabbed my stuff and I removed myself from the situation."

Wagner then went to her school office where she asked to call her parents...

However, her call was not allowed.

Wagner then got caught up in a heated exchange with officials at her school.

And as a result, was issued a ten-day suspension.

Wagners mom, Sarah, also spoke with News4Jax and said: "So, I don't think it's OK for her to talk to teachers that way, but I understand why she was angry."

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"She was basically sexually harassed by her teacher. … The teacher did apologize, she did understand what she did was wrong."

Wagner also added that she believes there's a double standard when it comes to enforcing the dress code.

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"I believe that teachers are targeting women with mature bodies, women in general, absolutely. So just because I have a little bit of breasts, I get targeted," she said.

Wagner was also told that her undergarments were visible, something she claims is not possible due to the cardigan she was wearing.

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You can see the outfit that caused situation above.

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