Target Releases Backpacks for Kids and Adults in Wheelchairs | 22 Words

Target has released a range of backpacks specially designed for kids and adults in wheelchairs, which is part of company plans to increase inclusivity.

Some might remember when Target released their Adaptive Halloween Costumes, made to fit those in wheelchairs. And for parents who have children in wheelchairs, this was a godsend!

The costumes were such a hit that they've started to expand their products on offer to other necessities such as backpacks.

Target has always strived to be one of the best stores for inclusivity, and this is detailed in their website's "commitment to accessibility" section, which states: "At Target, we're committed to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. We believe all of our guests should be able to easily shop online at, use our smartphone apps, and access all of our other websites and digital offerings.

"Whether you're using assistive technologies like a screen reader, a magnifier, voice recognition software, or switch technology, our mission is to make Target your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and experiences that fulfill our Expect More. Pay Less. Brand promise."


Not only do they offer a fully accessible and inclusive store experience for customers, but they are also taking action by selling products designed for wheelchairs.

Their latest product is a backpack designed to fit on the back of a wheelchair.

The adaptive backpacks feature adjustable handle straps and bag hooks for easy mounting on wheelchairs, plus a full-zip, gusseted opening for easy access. There are also plenty of zippered interior & exterior pockets, access ports for tubes and cables, and a laptop sleeve.

The kids' adaptive backpacks start at $19.99 and the adult backpacks are priced at $39.99. The backpacks come in a variety of colors and designs.


People have shared their love for the new adaptive backpacks and have been leaving 5 star reviews on the site...

One customer wrote: "Five stars for the Embark adaptive backpack! First of all, this backpack is so sleek and made with great materials. It's very comfortable for wearing with padded shoulder straps. Easy to tuck away straps to fit onto the wheelchair. I can fit so much in this backpack. There's a spot for your water bottle, your laptop, quick-access items, and everything else. You will not be disappointed with this backpack! Thanks to Target and embark on all the adaptive items!"

While a second commented: "This backpack stands out for the many adaptive details that accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, but also the ease of using the pockets and zippers. Readily reinforced and finger loops make it much easier for nimble hands. It would be nice if the loops to be a different color for the visually impaired as well. Gave this a try on a recent flight carry-on, and it gets two thumbs up!"

Clearly, the backpacks are a huge success and they are a small step in the right direction for those who need wheelchairs and walkers every day.