​"Meg fell asleep in class yesterday," he started. "I let her." | 22 Words

A teacher went viral after his response to a student who was sleeping during his class and let's just say we could do with more teachers like him in the world...

High school English teacher, Monte Syrie, gained attention for his unique way of handling a student that fell asleep during one of his lessons...

​While most teachers would snap the student awake immediately, and probably throw them in detention just for good measure, Syrie decided to take a different approach.

He just let her sleep.


Posting to Twitter, he explained the reasons behind his decision, citing that teenagers have other commitments outside of his classes that also require attention.

"Meg fell asleep in class yesterday," he started. "I let her."

"I didn't take it personally. She has zero-hour math, farm-girl chores, state-qualifying 4X400 fatigue, adolescent angst, and various other things to deal with. My class is only a part of her life, not her life. No, she did not use her time wisely in class yesterday. She didn't get her essay turned in. She knew that. I knew that, but I didn't beat her up about it. Didn't have to. She emailed it to me last night at 9:00 PM. On her own."

He continued:

"I know we all somewhat subscribe to this notion that there's a right way of doing things, and letting kids sleep in class falls outside the boundaries. I get it, and I'm not suggesting that we make it a permanent part of repertoire /routine, but I am suggesting that we sometimes trust our instincts, even if it goes against the grain..."

"She was not being rude or disrespectful yesterday when she nodded off. She was tired," he explained. "So I gave her a break. I can do that. And I want to believe, I have to believe--else my life is a lie, that it will come back in the end."

And it did for him as well as Meg.

"In fact, serendipitously, she proudly told me so when I ran into her at the grocery store at 6:45 this morning. She was getting some breakfast before her 7:10 math class. She'd been up since 5:00 doing chores."

Of course, people jumped at the opportunity to commend the kind teacher:

"You sound like an amazing teacher who knows how hard his students work in and outside of the classroom. Kudos to you for making sure that this girl got what she needed which was clearly some sleep and compassion," one Twitter user wrote.

Others shared their own experiences:


"My teacher kicked my chair or hit me in the head," this person said.

Oh boy do I remember those days. Maybe if we had more teachers like Monte Syrie, there would be more understanding in the world. Hats of to you, sir!