Teen Spends Six Years Digging Underground Home in Garden | 22 Words

Parenting a teenager is no joke - the fights can be intense. But one teen went the extra mile after a fight with his parents, essentially creating a brand new home underneath their garden.

Thsi has to be seen to be believed...

Being a parent is tricky.

But being a parent to a teenager is even worse.

Teens are known to be pretty difficult to deal with.

And fights can be a huge aspect of the relationship.

Usually, these fights are unpleasant in the moment...

But don't have any more lasting consequences.

But one teen from Spain went the extra mile.

After a fight with his parents, he chose to get a very odd revenge.

He decided to dig a pit in his garden.

And now, 6 years on, it really has to be seen to be believed.

This is Andres Canto.

And when he was fourteen, he turned a fight with his parents into a truly incredible project.

He took to their garden and began to dig.

And dig. And dig.

At first he was just angrily attacking the ground with a pickaxe.

But soon, a project formed in his mind.

It became something of an obsession.

Every time he fought with his parents, Andres would go right back to his digging.

And incredibly, 6 years of digging have led to some real results.

He's ended up with a truly incredible underground bunker.

There's a separate bedroom and living area.

Andres claims he doesn't know why he initially started the project, but has found digging a real de-stressor over the years.

He's even got a pneumatic drill to help with the project.

And he claims to spend around 14 hours per week on the hole.

But it's not always been easy.

"Sometimes I came across a big stone and it could be frustrating after hours of digging that I had done almost nothing."

He was first removing the sand using buckets.

But after studying excavation techniques, he's managed to set up a pulley system inside the hole.

​Andres has even built columns and supports for the interior walls and ceilings. 

And incredibly, he believes the project cost him around $50.

He wants to expand the den even further.

He claims it's the perfect temperature all year round and enjoys spending time relaxing inside.

Andres has set up a heating system and WiFi.

But he does admit that the den sometimes attracts spiders and damp.

He says his parents are fine with his construction.

And although authorities did inspect the premises, they had no issues with it, as it's not technically an extension.

"It's great, I have everything I need," he says.

"It can be tiring to work here as it is wet and there is not much air going around, but I have found my own motivation to keep on digging every day."

​"I have always liked to build little huts. I live in the countryside and often when I found abandoned wood there, I would build a nice house."

"I was a kid with a lot of imagination."

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