Teen Left 'Frozen' After Drink Spiked May Never Go Out Again | 22 Words

A teenager who was left "frozen" after her drink was spiked has said she may never go out again as the thought makes her "panic."

Millie Taplin was recently taken to hospital as she became seriously unwell after her drink was spiked while in a nightclub in Essex, U.K.

The eighteen-year-olds mom shared horrifying footage of her daughter in the hospital on social media last week. In the footage, Millie could be seen squirming around on a hospital bed with her eyes wide open and her jaw clenched.

Millie says she was left unable to walk for hours following the incident.

Since recovering from the incident, Millie appeared on the U.K morning television show, This Morning, where she revealed that she's unlikey to return to a nightclub for a very long time.

The 18-Year-Old Left Temporarily Paralysed After Drink Spiking On First Ever Night Out |This Morning www.youtube.com

Speaking with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Millie explained that she "would constantly be on edge" if she were to go out again.

"I would love to go back out, I liked the atmosphere, but now it's a bit more of a panic feeling," she said. "I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself because I would constantly be on edge thinking who's going near my drink which is a shame. It's really hard, there should be something to be able to stop it all but there's never going to be something to stop it.

"I cannot stress enough how careful you really have to be, I don't even know how much more careful you can be."

Millie began to notice something wasn't right while at the nightclub when she went outside because she began feeling "really hot and sick."

"I went outside because I started to feel really hot and sick... I just thought I had too much to drink. It wasn't until I was actually sick when my eyes went blurry," she explained on the show.

"I said to my friends, 'I think I've been spiked' and they said, 'no you're fine you're just panicking' and I said, 'no I've been spiked'."

Millie also explained that she believes "a drink I had taken from someone else" could have been the one that was spiked, however "it's hard to pinpoint."

"We hear a lot about it, but you don't think it's ever going to happen, you think you're being careful and doing everything you can, but," Millie explained.

As per LadBible, last week, Millie's mom Claire explained that she decided to post the video online as "you always hear about people being spiked but you never see the reality of it."

"I got there [the hospital] at 1.30 am, the video shows what I was greeted with. I was just blown away," she said. "I thought long and hard about posting. You always hear about people being spiked but you never see the reality of it, so I posted it."

We hope Millie is able to emotionally recover from her harrowing experience, and we also hope her story will raise awareness over the dangers of having drinks spiked in social situations.