Her mom then adds: "Did you really think we were going to support it?" | 22 Words

A teenager has received an outpouring of support after she shared her parent's reaction to her dating a transgender man.

TikToker Elyse took to the platform on Saturday, May 5, sharing her parent's reaction to finding out her boyfriend is transgender...


Her story has highlighted the immense pressure both trans people and their partners face every day.

In the first recording, Elyse can be heard crying while her father proclaims her partner is "not a boy."


He continues: "You have the choice, you have the choice, but this is not the right choice and you know that down deep inside."

In another recording, she explains that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 7 to 8 months to which her father replies she is: "willing to give up [her] family" for "someone who doesn't know their left from their right."


She then tells her parents that she loves them "so much," but her father says: "I'm sorry but you've put a major, major wall between us.

"This is not the way we brought you up. And if this is what you choose, we can't change it, but these are the consequences."

Her mom then adds: "Did you really think we were going to support it?"


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She continued: "You made this choice knowingly, you knew what you were doing. Nobody's holding a knife to you to go be his lover…"

Her father then interrupts and says: "It's not a 'he', Mom. It's a 'she'."

He concludes by saying: "If you choose this path then you're going to need to speed up being an adult really fast, OK?", suggesting she will be cut off completely.


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♬ original sound - elyse

He storms off shortly after, telling her: "I would never have thought you would do this to me."

The recordings quickly gained views on TikTok, with the second recording being viewed over 2 million times.

Many people rushed to the comments section to support Elyse after hearing her parent's reaction.

One supportive TikTok user wrote: "The fact that he's making it seem like you have to choose him or your family is horrible. Your dad chose that, not you."


While a second added: "Don't listen to his gaslighting. They're nothing if they treat you this way."

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