Texas Bill Send Parents to Prison for Gender-Affirming Care | 22 Words

A new Texas bill could potentially send parents to prison for providing gender-affirming care to transgender children and young people...

Which comes as a huge blow to the transgender community here in America.


Here's the full story...

Now, although the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than ever...


Problems continuously arise... especially here in the United States.

There are sadly so many people out there who refuse to accept and support those who identify within the community...


And this especially applies to those who identify as transgender.

But what about children who identify as transgender?


Well, this is when things sadly become very complicated.

Many trans children are lucky enough to get full support from their parents and caregivers...


And when they're old enough, some are even able to start receiving medical treatment to help move along their transition.

Giving transgender children plenty of love and support during their transition is vital for their wellbeings...


But it seems as if the state of Texas doesn't see it in that way.

Because a bill heard in committee in the Texas Senate on Monday discussed the possibility of sending parents to prison if they provided gender-affirming medication and care for their children...


And it's caused a lot of anger.

According to NBC News, the bill would redefine child abuse to include:


Administering, supplying, or consenting to provide puberty suppression drugs, hormone replacement therapy, or surgical or medical procedures to anyone under eighteen "for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment."

Parents who violate the proposed law could face 2 to 10 years in prison and would have their child put in foster care...


And they would be open to civil litigation, according to Brian Klosterboer, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.

The measure would make such acts a felony alongside physical and sexual abuse and sex trafficking...


Although it carves out an exception for surgical procedures for "intersex children."

The bill's lead sponsor, Republican state Sen. Charles Perry, identified himself as "a dad, a grandad, and a deacon in a Baptist church."

Facebook / Charles Perry​

He said he bore no ill will toward transgender people, but he felt obligated to protect children "who have not reached the maturity to understand what is being proposed nor the impact on them in perpetuity."

He also referred to affirmative care as "not reversible" and "life transformational and life-changing."

​"God gave us a season in life, and it's to have innocence up to a certain point and then, unfortunately, we lose that innocence."

Facebook / Charles Perry

"When parents interject things that rob them of that innocence, and really robs them of a future, we have a problem," Perry said during Monday's gearing.

Lawmakers in the state are also considering legislation targeting medical providers...


As well as a trans sports ban and a religious exemption bill that could allow emergency room staff to refuse to treat LGBTQ+ patients.

Things sadly aren't looking so good for the trans community in Texas.


​Do you agree with the proposed bill? Or do you think it's utterly barbaric that politicians are trying to take the lives of trans people and children into their own hands?