Dog Adopted After 419 Days in Shelter Returns After 1 Day | 22 Words

A Texas dog who was finally adopted after spending 419 days in a shelter was tragically returned because he was simply "too much work"...

And his story has broken so many hearts.

Read on to find out why...

Now, while dogs are most definitely man's best friend...


There are so many out there who live on the streets without a loving home.

Did you know that here in the United States, there are approximately seventy million stray dogs and cats?


And that millions of these unfortunate animals will end up being euthanized when they can't be homed?

This is why so many people stress the "adopt don't shop" initiative...

Because why should an animal be cast aside and not be given the chance for a new life just because it isn't a puppy or a kitten?

Adopted and rescued animals deserve a loving and happy home...


And they shouldn't be spending their lives alone on the cold and dangerous streets.

Many dogs are fortunate enough to be taken in by shelters that will find them a forever home...


But others sadly aren't so fortunate.

Which is what brings us to today's heart-wrenching story.

A Texas dog was finally adopted recently after spending over a year in a shelter, only to be returned 1 day later due to the fact he was "too much work."

People have been left disheartened by this sad story...


And many have been calling out the owners for not giving the poor dog a chance.

Rusty the dog, a German shepherd and Catahoula mix from Central Texas, was first surrendered to the Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco by his original owner in February 2020 because he was "hyper."

Humane Society of Central Texas

From there, he was placed in a foster home for 2 months and then sent to a rescue in Idaho, according to multiple local news outlets.

After 2 months at the Idaho rescue, Rusty was reportedly sent back to Humane Society of Central Texas because he "was not dog-friendly" and was unable to be placed in a home.

This was extremely stressful for the young dog.

"Over the next few months, Rusty became depressed and frustrated, causing him to act out in his kennel and be highly reactive toward other dogs," the Humane Society said in a statement.

In November 2020, Rusty was adopted and the shelter's staff believed he had finally found his forever home.

Humane Society of Central Texas

But just a month later, he was sent back to the Waco shelter, this time for being "destructive," NBC 26 and KCENNews reported.

But the shelter didn't give up on Rusty and in March of this year, he was introduced to a couple who seemingly fell in love with him.

Humane Society of Central Texas

However, after just 1 day at what Rusty and the shelter believed was his forever home, the owners returned the dog to the Humane Society of Central Texas because he was, reportedly, "too much work" for the new owners.

Rusty is now back living at the shelter.

March 31st marked his 420th day there.

Humane Society of Central Texas

Those interested in adopting or fostering Rusty can visit the Humane Society of Central Texas at 2032 Circle Road in Waco, Texas, or contact the City of Waco Animal Services at (254) 754-1454.

Let's hope Rusty finds a family who is willing to give him to patience and TLC he so desperately needs!