The All-Time Funniest Passive Aggressive Notes Written by Annoying People | 22 Words

Ah, passive aggression: the way that people who are too scared to talk to your face get what they want. All of us have experienced it, from Mom cleaning up after you but doing it angrily to a housemate who leaves notes instead of having conversations.  But some passive-aggressive peeps truly take it to another level. They don't just use passive aggression: they take it to an art form.

We've found the best examples of these passive-aggressive peeps, leaving notes on microwaves, shaming people in text, and treating us all like we're five-year-olds in need of basic parental influence. And boy howdy are they truly hilarious.

Come with us on a journey of passive-aggressive notes from extremely annoying people. Laugh. Enjoy. Because you are not on the receiving end of these notes and that makes life good. Because somewhere out there, there are people who actually think this sort of thing will work.

Let's start with a truly astounding example of passive aggression.

This one goes so far that it may just cross into aggression, but it does include the hallmark of passive aggression: refusing to communicate clearly and directly.

Why respond to something directly when you can subtweet all day long?

Is it subtweeting if it's on Facebook? Who knows, but we do know that this is some next level passive aggression.

Here's a way to really up the level of shade in your notes.

Give it strong religious overtones. Include little jabs like "basics" to imply that this is basic knowledge that everyone should understand.

Fun fact!

You do not have to be a human in order to send passive aggressive note! Even apps can do it.

If you want to add a little zing to your notes...

Definitely include whatever offended you in the first place. Put it somewhere public. That'll teach em.

Or better yet use the offending item to send the message.

Think of all the time the person spent making this when they could have just cleaned up the dang beans.

I like how much they try to sound helpful.

from funny
"Come see me, I want to help!" That's only going to teach the person not making coffee a learned helplessness! And "it would be an honor to meet you"? That's going to lead them towards toxic narcissism. I don't think either of these solutions are going to help at all!

There is no age minimum to writing passive-aggressive notes.

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This little girl is spelling it out clearly and for all to see: she has nothing to apologize for, and go to hell.

Some notes open the door to sequel notes.

from FoundPaper
What bums me out about the guy who wrote these passive-aggressive notes is that he wrote one, saw a chance, found himself displeased with the change, and then wrote a second note. Don't you have anything better to be doing, my man?

As if low-effort memes weren't already annoying.

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Gonna be honest with you — I don't care for the memes where it's just a picture and Impact text on the top and bottom. And to recreate that style of meme out in the real world? Why, it's almost a greater sin than not doing your dishes.

It's fairly easy to follow.

When your roommate needs a flow-chart to understand whether or not they need to wash their dishes? Well, that means communication has broken down somewhere along the way.

You want some? Come get some.

After all these passive-aggressive notes, it is kind of refreshing to see someone simply write out what they feel. This man's angry, and the guy who made him angry know knows he's made him angry. This is how communication is supposed to work!

Now, for something completely different...

I have never seen an angrier note. Whoever wrote this not only has a wildly unreasonable demand, they wrote it in a sickeningly sweet style that makes it clear they are positively seething with rage.

Sometimes, you have to get your message across using the spaces available to you.

Hey, maybe you have no idea who in your apartment building has the barking dog (maybe they could follow the sound of the dog barking, I dunno), but if the WiFi is your one place to communicate with the owners, I say it's worth a shot!

Now here's a good meme-based whiteboard note.

from funny
This is obviously passive-aggressive — my man couldn't just admit he was upset about the kitchen's cleanliness so he had to wrap it up in a joke referencing the Old Spice commercials — but at least they used a funny meme.

I wish they'd put it at eye-level.

from funny
What if whoever's dog has been pooping on their yard doesn't look down? They might miss this beautifully-worded and certainly helpful sign posted on a neighbor's lawn.

There are consequences to every action.

Let this be a lesson to all you passive-aggressive note-leavers — leaving a note never does anyone any good. You got a legit problem? Go have a conversation.

The worst part is... they did know.

They just don't believe in themselves enough to try it again, because this parker believes nothing they do is right; could ever be right. This note is straight-up hurtful.

Dave will never live this down.

Now, here's a passive-aggressive note I kind of dig. Whoever wrote it is communicating to an entire office, but taking all their anger out on Dave. It might actually affect the behavior of everyone else — no one's going to want to microwave any fish, lest they turn into a social pariah like Dave.

This is what I've been saying!

from funny
People! The notes don't help! Conversations help! When you hear a person's voice — their true, authentic, maybe-even-a-little-mad voice — you develop empathy and want to help them. When you read a passive-aggressive note, you roll your eyes and do the jerk-off motion and keep eating their food out of the fridge.

I don't think the dryer wrote this at all...

from pics
Imagine being a grown adult, going down to your laundry room, and finding a note from your dryer. You'd feel like your roommate was infantilizing you, right? And no one gets to infantilize you unless they go all the way with it, making you warm milk and tucking you in at night and wiping the spit-up off your chin.

It's all a matter of perspective.

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While three of these poor employees think their food is going missing, this poor food-taker thinks the company-sponsored food is getting monotonous. Imagine what they could accomplish if they put their minds together...?

Again with the laundry characters?

from CasualUK
What is it about laundry that makes people want to invent new mythology?

Ohh snap.

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I don't care how annoying that roommate's self-congratulatory notes were. This is the grossest thing a roommate can do. (That's not true, I had a roommate in college who would pour Cheez-Its into a bowl like cereal and use barbecue sauce as the milk. That's the grossest thing a roommate can do.)

Hopefully everyone learned a valuable lesson here.

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At least this passive-aggressive note-leaver knew they were being passive-aggressive. And now this ketchup-user knows they have another option if their pen ever runs out of ink.

This all seems very professional.

Dad's IT Department is the only freelance IT group that up-charges family members and gives a non-family discount.

This is the worst thing a teacher can do.

I would rather my teacher convince my kids that the earth is flat than extort me for my own gifts.

Well now I don't wanna,

Could this be a passive-aggressive note hack? When you dare someone to do the annoying thing they keep on doing, their desire to actually do it plummets.

But... but my favorite color is yellow...

It's a bright sunny color and people who wear it look very happy and confident! I loved this note, until I hated it.

Now I just feel stuck.

Hand dryers never really get your hands all the way dry, but at the same time? I never consent to anything without having my lawyer look it over first.

BOOM, got him.

Maybe now this jerk will think twice before he discriminates! (I mean, he won't, he won't ever even know about the attempt to teach him a lesson, but it's still pretty funny.)

"Paging Dr. Hedgehog, to the Green Hill Zone. Doctor Hedgehog, to the Green Hill Zone."

I understand that Dr. Hedgeh is upset about what's happening to their door, but if they didn't want to be Dr. Hedgehog, they should've thought of it before they were legally given that surname the day they were born.

Someone didn't take the LSATs.

If you, uh, check more than one box, the machine counts it as wrong. Also, it's questions where all the answers are true that lead to the implementation of the "all of the above" box.

This man is no hero.

This move tells me that this guy probably deserves to pay alimony. In fact, no matter how much he's paying, he should probably be paying more.

Always check the subject to which your pronoun refers.

Wow, it really sucks to frame a passive-aggressive note. What, you think your crummy, undealt with anger is important enough to be put behind glass?

Of all the fonts in all the Font Book, you chose this one?

I would argue that even lemonade stands have moved beyond Comic Sans. They at least know to try a fun Mohr Rounded as a graphic font and a simple Sans Serif for any additional information, such as lemonade price and hours of operation.

One of the fun things about passive aggressive notes is that they allow no opportunity for communication.

Which means you get to make all kinds of assumptions about the person who offended you and their motives.

It's also good to sign your notes, but not with any truly identifying information.

"The Management" is all you get because you are children. Children I say!

If a note doesn't work you can take it further.

All you have to do is pump your breast milk and put it in a coffee creamer container. Wait no that's absolutely wild no one should ever do that.

Sometimes you have to get passive aggressive though.

If they just won't respond to you signing your name repeatedly, you have to play dirty.

Sometimes the note can turn into a nice little conversation.

Look at that smiley face. Everyone's having a good time here, right? No one's feeling aggressive?

If you can't write your own passive aggressive notes, storebought is fine.

They even come in bumper sticker format so you can be randomly angry at every person on the road.

No one is safe from trash duty.

Why would you want your hallway to smell like garbage anyway?

Professionalism? Who needs it.

This university uses its Instagram to throw shade at students. That's way better than professionalism.

Did you know that there's a wrong way to be a person?

You have to socialize with strangers or you're fake. Now you know.

This passive aggressive note doesn't even have a recipient!

It's simply screaming anger into the void. It's truly a piece of art.

Sometimes it feels like management is a little controlling.

I wonder what gave that impression. It's probably nothing.

It's possible this ad didn't mean to absolutely roast the people who read it.

But in its own passive aggressive way it made everyone who saw it feel truly awful.

Shame is the right way to get people to stay with your service, right?

Passive aggressive shame. A proven technique.

The internet can be a tough place though.

Like when you share your art and someone leaves "constructive criticism" that's actually just mean.

Well, this escalated quickly.

If you don't go to the zoo with mom right now it's the same as saying you don't love her, and she'll know when she dies.

The poor pumpkin...

This person really went the extra mile to not only write out their note, but also wrap it in plastic so it could sit outside for those pumpkin killers to see.

Look, I get that cleaning is a tough job.

But this seems like a bit much. Especially when you include the weird smiley face.

This is a new one.

This post is being passive aggressive. Nice job inanimate object, but my father can express his disappointment on his own.

Is this a kind gesture or a message?

The world may never know, but at least the person didn't have to take their own lights down. Score.

Even gifts can be a message.

A nice collection of "how to be a good leader" books is the perfect gift for that boss who makes your life a living hell.

Ok listen up THIEVES.

This sign written on a cardboard box is definitely going to make you shape up. It's very officially and quite scary.

Do you think they write this on every carton of milk?

Maybe they should design a new product with lines to indicate where people should buy new milk. I'm sure it would be a hit.

No one will ever be better than Moms at passive aggression though.

I bought you gifts but I know you don't want them and I know you don't like me but I love you anyway Merry Christmas.

And if it's not moms throwing passive aggression...

Then they're receiving it, because everyone has thoughts on how people should parent.