​The visible discomfort in his face is obvious, and leads authorities right to him as the main suspect of interest. | 22 Words

This footage of a murderer realizing his victim's body has been discovered after he thought he got rid of it is so disturbing that it sends shivers down the spine of even the toughest people...

Trigger Warning: This article contains some gruesome details of a murder that some readers may find uncomfortable.

It was June 26th, 2011 when Stephen McDaniel broke into Lauren Giddings' apartment, murdered, and then dismembered her body.

The remains were then stuffed into a trash can and left to rot.

​But it was just a day later after Giddings had been reported missing by her family and friends, that the killer himself, appeared on live TV for an interview.

Speaking to WGXA news as a neighbor, McDaniel talked about his victim as if he didn't know what had happened to her. Not only that, but he also went on to say how she was a "nice" person and how they had both attended Mercer College in Georgia at the same time.

Rather than grieving the loss of a fellow graduate and neighbor, he seemed to be more concerned about offering possible scenarios as to what could have happened to her.

At one point he even suggested that she could have been attacked while out on a run. But we now know, this was a distraction technique to move away from what horrific things he had done to the twenty-seven-year-old.

What he didn't know though was that the police had just discovered a portion of Giddings' dismembered body while he was giving his so-called opinion on the topic.

His entire demeanor suddenly changed after the interviewer asked him what he thought about the discovery, to which he, clearly unaware of the update, started getting nervous.

"I think I need to sit down," he says after a long pause.

​The visible discomfort in his face is obvious and leads authorities right to him as the main suspect of interest.

And with that, they started searching his apartment, eventually discovering that he had the master key to all the rooms in the building as well as some packaging for the hacksaw weapon that had been used to savagely saw Giddings' body into pieces before it was disposed of.

However, one of the most disturbing findings was when authorities stumbled across some of the victims' underwear as well as blog posts McDaniel had written about torturing women.

It wasn't until 3 years later in 2014, when the killer confessed to the murder of Lauren Giddings and was sentenced to life behind bars. It's the least he deserves.