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Blue Kazoo

One of the breakout jigsaw puzzle successes of late 2020/early 2021 is 'Starry Wave' from Blue Kazoo. (Yes, breakout puzzle successes are a real thing. How else would you describe a brand new jigsaw puzzle that sold over 10,000 copies in its first month? 😆)

We're very happy to be among those that have gotten a hold of one. (I mean, you can, too… It's on Amazon. We're not special or anything. 😜)

The concept of the puzzle is very straightforward. Blue Kazoo simply combined the classic Japanese piece "The Great Wave" with Van Gogh's "Starry Night."

The result is mesmerizing.

Blue Kazoo


There's a classic optical illusion that's been shared online for years that makes images of "Starry Night" appear to move.

I had to know if it would work for this puzzle, too.

Let's find out together.

First, stare at these spinning circles for at least 15 seconds…and then look at the puzzle pictured below...


Blue Kazoo

IT WORKS! The whole puzzle moves like it's a reflection on water. The moon and stars seem to be pulsating. It's actually really beautiful.

Go ahead and do it again if you want to. I'll wait...

This is just one more reason we're so glad we glued and framed this puzzle after we finished it. (Yes, I can report that the optical illusion works in real life, too, not just on screen.)

If you want one for yourself, they're available on Amazon now with free Prime 2-day shipping. Sweeeeet.

Oh, and just for fun, I reached out to Blue Kazoo to see if they knew that their puzzle is basically an animation because of this optical illusion. Abraham, one of the folks that designs their puzzles, sent back a two-word response… "FAR OUT!"

So I guess they didn't know. 🤣

Blue Kazoo


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